Mark all emails as read

If you are like many other users, then your email is probably stuffed with a heap of messages that you did not open and you might not even plan to open them. However, all these emails make your inbox untidy and it might make it hard to notice a new unread message you actually do need to look at. Being able to mark emails as read is a great way of organizing your inbox without having to necessarily go into every single message. So be it unwanted, old, or irrelevant messages, we will show you today how to mark all your messages as read so you can quickly react to new emails and tidy up your account.

How to mark all emails as read in Gmail

How to mark all as read in gmail? Unfortunately, the Gmail functionality is somewhat lacking. Therefore, we would like to show you how you can benefit from using a full-grown desktop application such as eM Client. First of all, eM Client has a favorite folder named Unread in which you can find all your Unread emails. Not only does it save you the effort of searching for anything, but it also combines unread messages from all your accounts.

You can also select just a specific folder to mark your messages as read in. To do that you need to right-click on a specific email or a range of emails and use the option Mark All Messages as Read.

Another efficient solution might be to set up an automatic rule that marks messages for you. By navigating to Menu > Rules you can create your own rules for incoming messages. One of the myriads of options allows you to mark either specific or all your incoming messages as read, so you do not have to think about it anymore. Should you want to learn more about rules or eM Client’s other features check out our blog.