Job application emails

This might be surprising, but according to many clinical studies, changing a job is one of the most stressful situations you may experience. Truth be told, many work-related events form the majority of the stress that affects you. It only makes sense, given how much time of active live one dedicates to work. The idea behind this article is to mitigate the stress by showing you some useful tips and tricks while on a job lookout.

Most of the communication between applicants and recruiters is electronic in the beginning. So, in order to squeeze into a personal interview to secure the job, you must make your online presence count.

Professional Email address

The very first step is to have an email address that does not raise an eyebrow. Yes, we all had probably done that, but introducing yourself as [email protected] to someone who is supposed to actually hire you is not cute. No matter how long you have used the address, it is just pure laziness to not create a serious alias.

A decent email address might look similar to [email protected]. You might need to put some numbers into your address in case it has already been taken. It is a very clever idea to avoid some notoriously well-known combinations. That is all you need; simplicity is the winner here.

Template for job application email

Like any other piece of written communication, there should be some thinking put into it. Generally, you want an introduction, followed by a description of why you are the best candidate. Afterward, there is room to briefly mention your personal interests. You need to sell yourself.

However, it is not a good idea to use a single template on all your job applications. We advise you to adjust the application letter to the needs of the job every time you send one. This way you stand out of the crowd and catch the recruiter’s attention.

Emailer application

The moral of the story here is, eM Client can help you with all these tasks. Should you decide to create one specific email just for job interviews, you can check all your other emails within one application. It can boost your productivity with an inbuilt calendar, tasks, and notes. It will keep your text aligned with interesting fonts, handy QuickTexts and help you with cloud attachments, should you need to send larger files. There is no need to split your attention, it can all be done within one, top-notch application and that is exactly what you are aiming for. Most can agree job hunting is sometimes a harsh experience but with the right tools, it can get much more pleasant.

Remember, before you land the job, it is all just a show, so try to stay confident and relaxed.