Is there an app for google calendar on Mac?

As a Mac user who is looking for the Google Calendar app, you may stick with the built-in Calendar app if your needs are basic. Those that are looking for something more advanced might be interested as we are trying to find an answer to the question: “What is the best calendar app for mac?”
There are plenty of options but today we will be looking into the best of the best you can have on your Mac.

Google Calendar web

Google calendar service doesn't need much introduction. Native Google interface and no limitations when it comes to the sync or features you can access. The downside is that it is only a web app and working with the data on your disk might not be as convenient compared to the full desktop app.

Despite being a web app, it has neat features others do not offer and Google Calendar login allows you to access all other services with a single action.
You can download Add-ons for the calendar to extend its functionality with numerous options available in the add-on store.

If you like Google interface design and/or you are already used to it, the web app might be more familiar and unlike the calendar clients, it allows you to share calendars directly from the web interface. As a bonus for Google users, with the calendar web app, it's easier to switch between all Google apps if you are mostly using Google web-based ecosystem.

If you prefer the web interface and don't want to install any extra apps, this solution could be enough for most users. However, if you are you are asking yourself a question- “What if I don’t want to use a web browser? How do I access my google calendar?” the apps listed below may be more to your liking.

eM Client: Smileys and emoji Google Calendar web app


One of the most popular Google calendar mac app is Busycal. Interface-wise it is a typical calendar app without any frills which is exactly what you need when organizing a schedule. It offers automatic sync with accounts you have in the macOS Mail app which is a nice bonus. The smart filter feature helps to filter out events with specific parameters like birthdays or work meetings so it’s easier to navigate between multiple calendars.
Its license is not the most affordable but it is a one-time purchase so there’s no need to renew subscriptions.

eM Client: Smileys and emoji Busycal Interface


Fantastical is another favorite app of Mac users, it has a modern interface similar to that of the native macOS Calendar app so the switch might be easier in this regard.
One of the great features of this app is a menu bar calendar for quick access and sidebar integration of alerts and agendas.

If you have lots of calendars and need to filter them out, location and time-based calendars can help you separate work and personal calendars automatically.
If you prefer to let the app do the most work for you, natural language input will allow you to just type the name of the event, time, and day (Wendy’s birthday on Friday, March 23) and the app will create an event for you.
Unlike Busycal it is subscription-based and while it offers a trial, there is no one-time purchase option.

eM Client: Smileys and emoji Fantastical interface

eM Client

While eM Client is a relatively young app in a macOS environment, it has already proven itself on Windows and it is making its way even to Mac users' hearts. With the flexible interface, seamless integration of Google's mail, calendar, notes, and contacts. Compared to the native Apple Calendar app which, while great for managing calendars , has the shortcoming of focusing just on the calendar and task services.

Their limitations may become apparent when you need to access other services provided by Google and you have to switch to another app. With eM Client it’s much easier than that and aside from not being restricted to the calendar only, you can move items between different calendar providers, attach calendar events to emails or files to calendar events effortlessly with drag and drop, view your agenda, upcoming tasks, and much more.

The calendar reminder app is just one aspect in which eM Client excels. Google Meet integration for online meetings is also a huge plus and it will be added automatically with your Gmail account. Calendars that were shared via webmail can be displayed in eM Client and to set up the account you just need a few clicks, then the automatic setup takes over and configures all available services and account infrastructure. Everything, from folders and tags, to calendars, can be added with just a few-step-setup which makes the full account sync less of a headache.
There’s also no need to add your account to dedicated apps that support only one or two Gmail services so instead of adding it to the mail app to get access to emails or adding it to the calendar to view your schedule, you just add it once and all of these services are available to you.

A detailed search will help you find the event you are looking for and with multi-window mode, you can run the calendar together with mail or any other service supported by eM Client, the only limit is the number of your screens and their size. The calendar view can be also combined with the upcoming tasks and you have 6 display options of the calendar- Day, Work Week, Week, Upcoming, Month, and Agenda. All of those views are highly customizable be it the granularity of the calendar grid, custom week end-start, and custom workweek duration.

eM Client: Smileys and emoji The calendar section of eM Client