Ionos Email

Ionos is a hosting and cloud computing company with services boasting enhanced speed and storage. Their clientele includes mid-sized businesses looking for web solutions for their services. Ionos offers domains, websites, eCommerce, hosting, WordPress services, email and office services, and servers. Their wide variety guarantees that there is something for every mid-sized business.

We’ll focus today on Ionos email and how it can be accessed and used by your business. To do even more with your Ionos email, download eM Client on your device and get access to innovative productivity tools!

How do I get an Ionos email?

Ionos email is a paid service that starts at $1 per month. One of the major perks of using an Ionos email is that it gives you the ability to customize your email address domain name to match the name of your business. The customized domain is automatically included with any Ionos email plan that you purchase. Having a customized email domain address is essential for anyone who is trying to establish a positive reputation for your business. Using an Ionos email that includes your business name instead of a generic free email domain will instantly help customers to recognize that your business is legitimate.

Ionos email offers three options:

  • Mail Basic 1: this email option costs $1 per month and gives you 2GB of storage, 10,000 emails per month, with extra security features.
  • Mail Basic 1+: this email option costs $4 per month. It gives you a total of 12 GB and 60,000 emails per month.
  • Mail Business: this option costs $5 a month and is the ideal solution for businesses. It provides 50GB of storage.

All Ionos email plans are monthly subscriptions that come with a calendar, address book, and virus protection. If you already have an email account for your business, it can be migrated to your new Ionos email account. Another email feature offered by Ionos is their email archiving service. This requires a separate sign in. All of your archived Ionos emails will be located here instead of in your inbox. This is a great option for businesses that want to keep their new emails and old emails that may or may not be necessary separated. See their page here to get more details about Ionos email.

How do I log into my Ionos email?

The process for logging into your Ionos email is easy! Navigate to the Ionos email sign in page for webmail. Type your Ionos email address and domain as your username, and enter your password. If you forgot your password or customer ID, you can visit this page to get assistance.

The Ionos email help page will provide assistance for any kind of email trouble you’re having; from password problems to email recovery services. Once you’re signed in through webmail, you’ll have access to your Ionos email, calendar, and address book.

Can I use an email client with my Ionos email?

Yes, you can! An email client is a great option for companies who subscribe to Ionos email. eM Client is an email application that provides specific email management solutions for both individuals and businesses. Anyone with an Ionos email account can use eM Client with their customized Ionos email domain - and you can add additional email addresses to use in eM Client as well. Aside from gaining the ease of accessing your Ionos email from your desktop instead of webmail; you’ll get access to a calendar, tasks, and other special features like Attachments View that are unique to eM Client.

When you sign up for your eM Client account with your Ionos email, you’ll have the option to sync your emails and important information from your Ionos email account. This includes all of your previously added calendar events and meetings. You can schedule and manage your online meetings directly through eM Client without ever needing to log into your webmail. Additionally, you can set up end-to-end encryption or create a keypair for extra security for your Ionos email.

Want to learn more about how eM Client can enhance your Ionos email? Read our blog to learn about interesting tricks and application updates!