Importing large amount of emails, quick and easy

In this hurried time, there is no time to waste! And especially not when you need to work with your emails that you need to import from your previous email client first. Find out what the best option for importing all these EML files is.

How to import a large number of messages

There are not many apps that can import messages directly from files, such as EML, MSG, and PST, so even there, eM Client can be a huge help when you have a lot of exported messages from your old apps or previous devices.

Thunderbird allows import via drag&drop of EML files into the specific folder, but it can only get past a few thousand messages before eventually failing the task. If you need to import 100k or even 500k messages, you need to do it in smaller batches and that means you need to be present for the whole thing and make sure to start the next action once the previous one finishes. There used to be some handy plug- ins, but as with many great features Thunderbird gets from external coders, they are usually not kept up to date for current versions of Mozilla Thunderbird.

We were able to test the import in Microsoft Outlook, however, the EML import is also done in a single action and once the available RAM space on your device is filled up, the import might crash, leaving you to try again. Similarly to the Thunderbird solution, you might be able to proceed by importing in smaller amounts or using some kind of automated script or even try import into another app first (for example if you can get hold of a copy of the discontinued Windows Live Mail) and then into Outlook, but that is still a lot more work on your side than should be necessary.

So how DOES eM Client hold up with the import of a large number of messages? Look at our test results of large data import below!

Number of files
eM Client import time
eM Client for macOS import time
Import large folder
(93k messages)
13min 15s 22min 30s
Import super large folder
(580k messages)
3h 17m 2h 05m

The imported messages contained randomly generated emails of different sizes.

More than just message files!

eM Client offers a lot more options than just importing from email files. We can import other file types, such as ICS for events, notes, and tasks, VCF, CSV, and WAB for contacts, and from other apps that were previously installed on your device too! Check out the exact steps for import from Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, and more in our Documentation!