How to unsubscribe from emails

Have you ever subscribed to a newsletter and later regretted it because you dislike being spammed? Or because the content wasn’t as relevant as it seemed initially? Not to worry, the unsubscribe function is there for a reason. Let’s discuss how to unsubscribe emails.

How is unsubscribe used in newsletters?

Every newsletter email should contain the unsubscribe link, and it’s usually placed at the bottom of the email. In order to unsubscribe from a newsletter, scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the unsubscribe link. It’s often written in very small text, so you scroll past it, but it should always be there. You can speed things up by clicking Ctrl + F on Windows, and CMD + F on macOS, which will pull up the search feature in your browser or email client. Type Unsubscribe to search for it.

By clicking Unsubscribe, you get unsubscribed from all future communication from that website or business. It’s as simple as that. In case you do not find the Unsubscribe button, you can always contact the sender and opt out.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

In 2003, the US CAN-SPAM Act was signed into law. Under this law, some basic principles for commercial emails have been enforced. For instance:

  • All emails must contain a visible Unsubscribe button.
  • During the unsubscribing process, you can’t be charged a fee.

If a legitimate business fails to meet one of these requirements, you can actually report them to the FCC. Keep in mind that this solely applies to legitimate businesses. Real spammers are not in breach of these laws. But thankfully, modern email services have made sure that most spam emails are automatically sent to the spam folder so you don't need to unsubscribe spam email.

How to unsubscribe in eM Client

Unsubscribing from emails in eM Client is simpler than ever. If you open up a newsletter email, right under the sender’s email address you will see the following text: “Unsubscribe from receiving these messages”. All you have to do now is click Unsubscribe. It’s as easy as that.


If for any reason you would like to get rid of this feature, please follow the steps:

  • Open Menu > Settings > Mail > Read
  • Uncheck the "Show unsubscribe bar" option