How to send an email to multiple recipients individually?

Guide to Mass mail & Blind CC

How to send an email to multiple people

There are a few ways to send emails to numerous recipients, starting from laborious ones, such as manually copying and sending each message manually to an effortless ones where you can use distribution list and mass mail to send out your messages in few clicks, but ending up with a messages where each recipient gets his own, customized copy and they don't see any of the other recipients or even know your message was a mass email in the first place!

What does cc in a email mean

Cc means "Carbon copy" - meaning the user will get an exact same copy of the email as the recipient in the To field and both the main recipient and the recipient of the copy will see each other's email addresess in the header fields To and Cc.

How to send email to multiple recipients without them knowing

Some might ask how to send an email without showing recipients. The most obvious solution would be to add just one recipient per message, but you can achieve the same by adding your email addresses into the BCC line instead of the TO line.

How to send a bcc email?

Either there will be separate lines for CC and BCC under the TO line in your existing email window or these should be a button or link next to the TO line showing something like "Show Cc and Bcc" - many email apps will let you set these lines to be visible by default if you need to use them often.

When you send an email to all recipients in BCC the recipients will not see the email addresses of others, instead the message will look as if it was sent to "Undisclosed recipients", making it obvious the message was mass sent to a larger number of people and it's not a message just for you. While a valid option in personal setting, this can give an appearance of being a spam or unimportant message to your recipients. Sending such message as mass mail is a much more professional option.

How to send mass email?

This can differ in different apps, but eM Client makes it very easy - you simply input your recipients' email addresses into the TO field and then instead of using the Send button you can click the downwards arrow to the right to open other Sending option. Select 'Send as Mass Mail' and eM Client will create a separate copy of the message for each recipient in the To field.

How to send mass email in Outlook

With the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook you can use the mass mail (or mail merge) in a combination of creating your template in Word and your contact list in Excel and then use Outlook to link up, create and send out the messages. You can find the whole tutorial on Microsoft support's website - Use mail merge to send bulk email messages.
But for personal use, this is very much taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

For the online Outlook webmail you will need to use the blind copy approach. How to blind copy in outlook? The BCC button is directly in the top right corner.

How to send mass email in Gmail

Gmail is the most popular free email provider, and while it is great for sending emails directly, it is not the best solution for mass mailing in the professional setting. While you can get add ons for Google sheets to replicate the mail merge of Microsoft Outlook, you might hit a wall one you try to send more than 500 emails per day - because that is what Gmail's limit is and after this, you need to wait 24 hours before being able to send emails again.
Gmail also has very strict guidelines on sending out mass mails, so if large part of your messages are marked as Spam or send to undeliverable addresses, you might end up with a temporarily disabled account.
But for personal, small scale emailing you can of course use the CC and BCC functionality without fear.

How to cc someone in Gmail?

The CC button is available in the top right corner of the new email window in Gmail webmail. You can also use the Ctrl + Shift + C to make the CC field show up.
If you need to learn how to blind cc in Gmail, the BCC option is also in the top right and can be opened via Ctrl + Shift + B. Sending a message to numerous contacts in the BCC line will show the undisclosed recipients Gmail in the TO line.