How to create a new email account?

Thinking about creating a new email account but unsure where to start? We are here to help you with that. Whether you need to create an entirely new account or just change your email provider this article should provide some assistance with these situations.

Picking the right provider for your needs

Free email providers

In case you need just a basic email service and want to create new email account Yahoo, Gmail, or will probably be your first choice. Aside from free inbox, these providers offer reliable services and the main limitation is usually the size of your mailbox. For Yahoo, it is 1000GB, for Gmail and it's significantly less - 15 GB, but it should be enough for basic email users.

Aside from these popular providers, you can pick from the wide selection of email services like ProtonMail, GMX, AOL, Zoho Mail and so on.

Paid email providers

The previously mentioned email service providers also offer paid service in case you need a custom domain, more storage, security, or extra support which their free versions do not offer.

For most basic needs it may be an overkill to pay for email service but if you’re advanced user or looking for email hosting for your company, paid email service is the best way to go.

Temporary email addresses

If you need just one-time email address there are various services offering temporary addresses that can be used for the purposes where using your own email may expose you to spam or you just don’t want to expose your address due to the privacy concerns. These web-based email services work basically like email address generator, you will get randomly generated email, you use it for the purposes you need it for and then it’s disposed.

While such address is not convenient for the services that you want to use repeatedly, for one-time login it does it’s job perfectly. The most popular ones are TempMail, Emailnator, or Firefox Relay, a bit different service with a few benefits over temporary address generators and it can serve the same purpose.

Creating a new email address

You have received recommendations or you got interested in the features of a specific email provider.

It’s time to create a new account and the process is very easy to complete so let’s get started.

Most providers use the similar layout of their website so the only thing you need to do to start the registration process is open the website of the email service provider you have picked. Once you are there, look for the “Sign In” button and it should redirect you to the login page where you will get an option to create a new account.

The process might be even easier with the providers who have Join/Sign Up/Create Account button right on their webpage, although the labels may differ, this is the button you are looking for. Once you click on it, the registration form will appear and you will just need to follow on-screen instructions. To make this process easier for you we have included account registration links in “Free email Providers” section above.

Regardless of which email provider you have chosen, you can now add your new account to eM Client, the next part will be dedicated to showing you how to add it.

Adding your new email account to eM Client

If you are new to eM Client and you have never launched it, the first thing you will see is the initial setup window. First, you will be prompted to select the theme, then the account setup will follow once you click on “Next”.

The automatic setup field should work with most of the well-known email providers. For the manual setup, click on the “Mail” tab, select your email provider and if your email provider isn’t listed there or you need to specify the settings that are different from what the server’s autodiscover will provide, select “Other”. To configure the account via the “Other” option it’s important to have email settings like the server address, ports, and the email address itself. In most cases, you can find these settings in your email provider’s FAQ. If you have already skipped this window, navigate to eM Client Menu in the top left corner and select “Accounts”.

In the scenario where you have not added any accounts at all, eM Client will open the same email setup dialog window. If however, you already added some accounts during the initial setup you should see the “Accounts” window instead, that’s where the “Add account” button is located. Clicking on the “Add account” button will also take you to the account setup dialog window we mentioned earlier.

How to delete an email account?

If you want to delete email account from eM Client, it is quite simple. Open Menu > Accounts, select the account you would like to delete and click on the “Remove” button in the toolbar.

If you would like to permanently delete email account from email service provider’s servers, the steps will differ depending on the provider. Google/Gmail account can be deleted at via account management page. Yahoo account can be deleted here and to delete account can be deleted here.

The account deletion is often permanent once confirmed so please decide carefully when deleting your accounts and read through the deletion conditions to be sure that no other services linked with the deleted account will be affected.