How to clear inbox Gmail

Is it not infuriating having a full inbox? Do you take too much time to find that one specific email? Did you simply run out of space? Let’s take a look on how to achieve a clean Gmail inbox fast.

How to clear inbox in Gmail webmail

The best way how to clean out Gmail inbox fast is to determine, which emails are essential and discard the rest. Very handy tool for that are filters. Simply click into the Search mail and type:

  • Older_than:Xd – this filter will show any message older than X number of days
  • Is:read – simply showing you all the emails you have already gone through
  • From:() – fill the brackets with an email address to display all emails from this sender, you can also right-click on an email in your inbox and click on find emails from

Some filters are also present next to the Search email field in Show search options.
After filtering you have options:

  • Delete – Select all the unnecessary mail and get rid of it
  • Archive – gets rid of the email from Inbox, but still takes space on your account, you can find Archived emails in All Mail folder
  • Labels – Create custom labels and if you click on three dots next to it, you can hide those emails from the Message list

You can also use the pre-defined categories in the Inbox, which Google sorts for you automatically. Do you need to for example know how to delete all promotions in gmail? Open the Promotions tab, select all by checking the box in the top left, and then click Delete.

Keeping your Gmail clear inbox in eM Client

Email client takes your options to another level and it is up to you to pick what strategy suits you the most. How to clean inbox Gmail and how does eM Client aid me in this effort?


Assign each email a tag to differentiate Important or Personal mail from Promotion, you can also turn on option to use color of the Tag as text color. Settings – Appearance - Lists

Quick filters

Filter out invitations to past events or certain tags like Promotion for easy and fast delete.

Search folders

Set up more complicated filters such as within a certain date, from who, whether the emails have attachment, search by tag or all of them combined. When you filtered out the emails move them to a specific folder or get rid of them.


Setting up rules makes the process easier and automated. When you receive receipts you want to archive, set up a rule to move mail from that person or company to custom folder or straight up Archive it. Rules also allow you to forward emails or delete them without requiring more than a quick set up.

Intrigued? Try out eM Client today and apply the skills you learned today on how to clear gmail inbox.