Hotmail Guide

Hotmail is a popular email provider originally created by Microsoft with over 500 million users worldwide. Hotmail has gone through several rebrands; first as Live and then finally as Outlook.

Though MSN Hotmail can not be accessed through a designated login website, Hotmail users can easily log in through to access their MSN Hotmail sign in. Hotmail was formally changed to Outlook in 2011, however Hotmail on Outlook still includes all the same features as Hotmail and more.

It’s no longer possible to create a Hotmail account, but you have plenty of options if you are looking for a reliable email provider to use instead of Hotmail UK. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the change from Hotmail to Outlook; including frequently asked questions, suggestions for email alternatives, and how you can use eM Client to improve your Hotmail on Outlook experience.

Can I create a new Hotmail email account?

Since Hotmail was discontinued in 2011, you can no longer go to the Hotmail sign up page to create a Hotmail email account. There are plenty of free alternative email providers available - including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and more. These providers offer services similar to Hotmail; including email and calendars. The process for signing up for these email providers is similar to the create a Hotmail account sign up process.

Existing Hotmail users can continue to use Microsoft Outlook for their Hotmail account sign in. Hotmail on Outlook requires the same login information that you used for the original Hotmail webmail. The domain that you will need to use for your MSN Hotmail sign in is: Your password will remain the same - though it’s recommended to update your password periodically.

How do I create a Hotmail email account?

It’s no longer possible to create an account with a email domain; however, you can create an Outlook account. Outlook is the rebranded version of Hotmail - so it will be the most similar to Hotmail if you want to create a new account that is similar.

To sign up for Hotmail on Outlook, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Go to the sign up page.
  • Enter a new username.
  • Add your information on the next page. Set a password.

You can start sending and receiving emails to your new Outlook email account once the account set up process has been completed.

How do you sign in to access your Outlook, Hotmail or Live email account?

To access your Outlook, Hotmail, or Live email account; you’ll need to sign in through Outlook. Users familiar with the sign in, for example, will need to go to the Outlook webmail page. The old sign in Hotmail page no longer exists. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the webmail sign in page for Hotmail.
  • Enter your email address. Use your usual email address.
  • Type your password.

After entering your information, you’ll be directed to your inbox. Your or address is still valid and able to send and receive emails despite being located in Outlook. It’s important to remember that you must check your email account through Hotmail on Outlook at least once a year to avoid deactivation. Accounts are deleted by Microsoft automatically after five years, so if you haven’t checked your Hotmail account since it became Outlook in 2011 - there is a chance that it is gone forever.

If you don’t want to manually sign into Hotmail to keep your account active, a great strategy is to download an email application like eM Client. Email accounts added to eM Client stay logged in through the desktop application. You can easily add all of your email accounts to eM Client to avoid logging in through the webmail sites for multiple email providers.

Use your Hotmail email address in eM Client!

Feeling confused about the Hotmail for Outlook changes? Don’t like the new Outlook webmail interface? Try eM Client for your Hotmail email address! eM Client is a user-friendly email client offering email, calendar, contacts, and tasks for your email account. Users have the option to add and manage multiple email accounts - so you can add your address and any other email providers you might use. This makes it easy to maintain your email account and manage your original Hotmail on Outlook communications.

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