Hostinger Email

Hostinger email is an all-encompassing hosting service offering everything from email to VPS hosting. Established in 2004, Hostinger is an international company based in Lithuania.

Hostinger provides hosting solutions for anyone who needs extra storage or a custom domain name. Hostinger email servicers are recommended for anyone who is trying to establish brand credibility through a custom email domain name.

Today, we’ll cover the basics of Hostinger’s email services and show you how to use your Hostinger email with eM Client to level up your productivity.

How do I sign up for a Hostinger email?

Hostinger email services give users a custom business email domain and added security to protect against spammers. The ultimate benefit of using Hostinger emails is that you get a custom email name for your business. Creating a custom email domain for your business makes your business more reputable to your clients. If you’re still using an email domain like or; your email will look less trustworthy since these domains are readily available to anyone who wants to sign up. Anyone could create a variation of your address using a free domain to create fraudulent emails.

To sign up on webmail, Hostinger will have you go to their website. Their hosting services are not free: their prices start at $6 per month for Google Workspace hosting and $0.99 for regular Hostinger email services. The difference between the regular hostinger option and the Google Workspace hosting option is that the Google Workspace choice accommodates the storage you already have on your Google Workspace; while providing an additional 30GB of storage. Hostinger occasionally offers sales - if you’re lucky, you could use a Hostinger coupon to get a discount on the monthly hosting fee.

How do I find my Hostinger login?

If you’re using Hostinger webmail, you’ll access your Hostinger email through your browser. Your Hostinger login can be found on this page. Enter your username and password - or sign in through Google, Facebook, or Github using the buttons beneath “Log In.”

If you use an email application like eM Client, you don’t have to worry about logging in after you’ve added your Hostinger email account to the application. Your login information will remain securely stored in eM Client.

Use your Hostinger email with eM Client!

eM Client is completely compatible with all email providers and email domains; even your custom Hostinger email! eM Client is an ideal email client for anyone who is looking for an organizational tool with added features for their personal email, professional email - or both. eM Client is the best email management app available on the market, with free and Pro options for users. Add one or all of your emails in eM Client and easily navigate between them to cut down on time spent logging in through webmail. eM Client is an excellent choice for small business owners who have switched to Hostinger services to create business emails that aesthetically align with your company’s vision.

With eM Client, you can create personalized business email signatures tailored to your company. Implement and manage tasks to stay organized. Use your synchronized calendar to schedule and stay on top of important meetings. When you sign up for eM Client; your email account will sync all of your important information, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything from your Hostinger webmail.

eM Client also offers a Pro license for companies that comes with a license manager. eM Client Pro for companies gives you the power to ensure that all employees have the same standard settings to create brand consistency for all communications.

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