Hide Email Recipients

Sometimes, you need secrecy for your email communications. There are a variety of reasons for needing to know how to hide email recipients: to protect someone’s email information, to avoid disclosing a list of marketing emails, or to indicate that the email does not necessarily require a response.

Learning how to hide email recipients will open a world of possibilities in your inbox. Our guide will help you get started with different options for hiding recipients - including how to send email to multiple email addresses without showing other recipients.

How to send an email without showing recipients

Every email account, regardless of your provider, will give you the Bcc option in the sender field. This is the secret key for understanding how to hide email recipients - quickly. Bcc stands for “blind carbon copy,” inspired by the days of letter writing where senders would create a paper copy using carbon for their records. When you send an email to someone in Bcc field, they will not be visible in the received email.
Cc also stands for carbon copy, but recipients are able to see who is included in the Cc field.

How to send email to undisclosed recipients

Have you ever gotten an email addressed to “Undisclosed Recipients?” Learning how to send email to undisclosed recipients only requires a couple of steps - if you already know how to use Bcc, you’re halfway there.

  • Leave the “To” field empty.
  • In the Bcc field, type all your desired recipients.
  • Add your subject, compose your message - and send!

This method shows how to send email without showing recipients; while informing recipients that their email address is amongst other hidden recipients. This method is also effective for knowing how to send a mass email and hide recipients - a process that would be eased with the use of a contact group or list pasted in the Bcc field.

How to send mass email without showing other recipients

Typically, sending a message to more than 20 recipients is considered a mass email.
Mass emails are commonly used for marketing, invitations, and company wide emails - amongst a variety of other reasons. Most major email providers, like Outlook and Gmail, have different restrictions for sending mass email without showing other recipients for free accounts. Gmail allows you to send emails with up to 100 recipients per message; while Outlook allows users to add up to 500 recipients per message.

A contacts list can be created by going to the contacts option in your email account. How send a mass email without showing other recipients by using a contacts list on any service? Simply add your desired contacts list to the Bcc field. If you want the To field to show a different name/text other than Undisclosed recipient, it is often accepted to use your own email address as both To and From address.

Your selected contacts list will receive the email and will be able to respond - but they won’t be able to see the other recipients who received the message.

How to send a mass email and hide recipients in eM Client

With eM Client, you can use the dedicated Mass Mail feature on your desktop to send emails to large groups of recipients with ease. The mass email does not require the use of Bcc.

Here’s how to send a mass email recipients with Mass Mail in eM Client:

  • Compose a new message.
  • Type your list of recipients in the To field.
  • After you’ve added all of your recipients, click the dropdown menu next to Send. The option Send as Mass Mail will appear. Select it and then click it.

Your recipients will be prevented from seeing everyone included in your mass email, because everyone gets their own custom copy with only their name and address in the To field.

Need to hide the same group of recipients often? Learn how to create a distribution list to make the process even faster.

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