Google Calendar App

Quick access to your Google Calendar is necessary for managing your busy lifestyle. Instead of relying on webmail to access your personal or work calendar, you can take a shortcut by downloading a Google Calendar desktop app.

Downloading a calendar application is a convenient solution to avoid logging in through your webmail every time you need to check your schedule or create an event. Instead of creating an entirely new calendar on your device, you have the option of choosing an application compatible with Google to synchronize your calendar events.

Using a calendar application gives you the power to check your Google Calendar directly on your desktop, regardless of the type of device you have. Our guide will discuss desktop application options for Google Calendar app for Windows and Google Calendar app for Mac; including your favorite multi-purpose email application, eM Client.

Is there a Google Calendar app for Mac desktop?

Mac users will be happy to know that it’s easy to download a free or paid application to manage a professional or personal Google Calendar on your device. Your options include the official Google Calendar application amongst many others. To find compatible calendar applications aside from Google Calendar, you can search the official Apple App Store to look for a new Google Calendar app. Mac devices support a variety of options; so you can find the perfect calendar with features that are tailored to the needs of your schedule.

Mac devices come with a simple built-in calendar app called Calendar. This application is accessible by searching “Calendar” in Finder if you do not already see it on your Mac desktop. It’s possible to sync your Google Calendar to the Mail app.

  • Simply click on the Calendar app and navigate to Menu > Add account.
  • Select Google and enter your Google Calendar account information.
  • After you’ve logged in, your Google Calendar information will sync to the Calendar app.

Is there a Windows desktop app for Google Calendar?

Windows users also have the option to download an application to ease the process of accessing the Google Calendar. To search for a Google Calendar desktop app, go to the Microsoft App store. The store features a wide range of both free and paid options that can be synchronized with your Google Calendar.

Whether you’re downloading a free or paid option on your Windows device, it’s important to check to make sure that the calendar application you’ve chosen is compatible with Google Calendar. Some desktop calendar applications might be intended for a specific calendar provider; so it’s important to check in the application description to see if it can support Google accounts. Applications like eM Client are able to support a variety of popular calendar and email providers - so you can seamlessly connect your desired calendar accounts to your desktop.

Sync your Google Calendar with eM Client

Looking for a powerful productivity application that will help you organize your life? Look no further! eM Client is perfect for anyone looking for a Google Calendar desktop app. eM Client’s desktop calendar can be synchronized with any popular mail provider.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can do with your Google Calendar in eM Client:

  • Schedule and manage events.
  • Synchronize and create shared calendars.
  • Quickly switch between calendar accounts.
  • Schedule and start video calls.
  • Use tags to label and organize events.
  • Subscribe to internet calendars to keep track of events or holidays.

eM Client’s calendar feature is the perfect option for anyone looking for a solution to organize their professional or personal schedule with minimal effort. eM Client also offers email, contacts, and tasks - all in one desktop application. eM Client can be downloaded on Mac or Windows devices.

Ready to learn more about how eM Client can help you streamline your schedule? Check out our blog to get more email and scheduling advice!