GMU Email Guide

George Mason University students, faculty, and alumni all have access to a GMU email. The GMU email is the official mode of communication for anyone who is enrolled as a student or working for George Mason University. The GMU email gives anyone associated with the university convenient access to a directory with university contacts. Knowing how to access and use your GMU email is essential for your success as a faculty member or student!

If you’re having trouble logging into your GMU email, or if you want to learn about the features available in your GMU email - we’ve got you covered. We’ll review how to log into your GMU email and talk about options for keeping your emails and important documents organized with eM Client!

How do I log into my GMU email account?

To log into your GMU email account through webmail, you need to go to the GMU login page. You will see two options here: MasonLive Email and Office365 Email. Only alumni who graduated after the transition to Office365 Email will log in through the MasonLive option. Alumni who graduated after the transition to Office365 do not need to log into MasonLive to access the GMU email. All current students and faculty members should use the Office365 option.

Enter your GMU NetID with for your email username. Your NetID should have been created when you registered for an account at George Mason University. If you’re having trouble remembering your NetID or password, you can visit the IT support page to find a solution.

What is two-factor authorization for my GMU email?

Two factor authorization, or 2FA for short, is a sign in process that ensures you are the only person who can sign into your account.

To access your GMU email, you are required to set up two factor authorization for your email account. Two factor authorization adds an extra step to the sign in process for extra safety - an essential security measure for institutions where important documents will be sent through email. Two factor authorization will guarantee that your GMU email stays secure through confirmation through your smartphone or other device.

Information about two factor authorization for GMU email accounts can be found on this page.

What features are available in my GMU email account?

GMU email accounts use Office365, so you have access to helpful applications such as Microsoft Teams, a synchronized calendar, and more. These features are available to help you collaborate with colleagues and get your work done efficiently. Some accounts, including retired faculty members, may not have access to additional applications like Microsoft Teams.

Keep your emails organized with eM Client!

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eM Client is fully compatible with the Exchange servers used for GMU emails. This is great news for anyone with a full calendar, inbox, and contacts list who is looking for an email client that will level up their organization for work or school.

When you add your GMU account to eM Client, you can sync all of your calendar events, use Microsoft Teams, signatures, categories, contacts (including globally shared within your organization), and automatic replies. The simple set-up process for adding your account to eM Client ensures that you’re ready to get to work from the moment synchronization is complete. All of the information and documents you need to succeed at GMU will be automatically synced after you add your GMU account to eM Client.

Want to learn how to use your email to boost your productivity? Check out our blog to learn more tips and to stay updated on new eM Client features!