Looking for the Gmail desktop app for Mac?

Look no further, eM Client is here for all your Gmail needs!

If you are macOS and Gmail user, can go with the default Mail app, use the webmail, or you can use 3rd-party alternatives, but what if nothing suits your specific needs when it comes to the Gmail app for Mac desktop or Mac laptop?
You might have been asking yourself a question: "Is there a Gmail app for mac that will support important Gmail features and allow me to fully utilize Gmail without the extra hassle or compromises"?
We have a solution for you in form of an eM Client for Mac!

Why should you give Gmail macOS app like eM Client a try?

Compared to other apps, eM Client can work with labels just like the Gmail web app instead of treating labels like regular folders which can lead to certain difficulties sometimes.
Not only you can keep using labels like you were used to with Gmail, but you can also manage them directly in eM Client- delete, create new ones, change label colors, all of that is possible.

Email sync, however, is just one of the many Gmail features that eM Client supports. It can connect to most Google services:

  • Google Calendar to sync all of your events, birthdays, or national holidays.
  • Google Contacts to keep your address book at hand all the time.
  • Google Meet support, so you can create and join online meetings right from the eM Client interface.
  • Rules synchronization, in case you already had some rules set up in the Gmail web interface, they will all be synced with eM Client.
  • Signature synchronization, so there will be no need to copy or create the signature from scratch once you switch from Gmail web.
  • Automatic Reply settings are synced as well so even if your computer or eM Client is not running the Gmail server will know that you have automatic replies enabled and it will send an automated message notifying people about your absence.

Its functionality is seamless with drag&drop features, macOS integration and most importantly, you don't have to launch multiple browser tabs for each email account you have, log in every time or look for the right tab.
So, eM Client is not only a great macOS Gmail app but you can use it with any email provider and keep everything organized in one place which we believe will improve your focus and productivity.

Start using eM Client today and never look back.

eM Client can become your new powerful Gmail app for macOS. There's an automatic 30-day trial period so you can test out all the features on your own and make your own decision on switching from your old mail app.
So what are you waiting for? A whole new world of email efficiency and productivity awaits!