EmailJS Guide

EmailJS is unlike any other email service. Instead of sending your emails traditionally, you can send your emails using JavaScript through EmailJS.

EmailJS is a trusted company offering both paid and free versions of their email services. If you’ve been looking for a unique option for creating email templates and contact forms for your small business, EmailJS is an excellent option for you to consider. Since the platform relies on JavaScript; it gives you extra control and security for your messages. Our guide will walk you through the process of using EmailJS, so you can learn how to efficiently utilize this unique service.

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How does EmailJS work?

EmailJS differs from traditional email platforms because it does not have its own server. After creating an EmailJS account, users must connect to a compatible email service. Most of the popular email providers are supported by EmailJS, so you can use your preferred email address to get started. After you’ve connected your desired email provider; EmailJS will use your email service’s servers to dispatch your messages. Unlike other email platforms, EmailJS does not use the standard process for composing messages.

Your emails will be sent through a template created with EmailJs. Your template should include all of the desired information that you wish to share through your email. Include your name, message, and contact information. After creating your template with EmailJS, your email will be sent as a typical plain text email as well as HTML.

For people who run a business or need a platform for website form submissions, EmailJS also offers a Contact Service option. You can use EmailJS to create a contact form through HTML that will help people contact you through your desired platform. This information is listed in detail on EmailJS’s website - which contains helpful tutorials for getting started.

What features are available in EmailJS?

EmailJS includes different tools for sending emails and identity verification to keep your messages accurate and secure. EmailJS offers the following basic features:

  • CC
  • BCC
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Contacts list
  • Multi-user access

Some of the features available in EmailJS depend on your subscription. EmailJs offers a free version for anyone who wants to try the service before committing to a paid subscription. The basic free version gives you the ability to create up to two email templates to use. These templates can be recycled and used for up to 200 messages per month.

If you’re running a small business or freelancing; you probably want to be able to send more than just 200 emails a month. The paid options for EmailJS offer extra email templates and the capacity to send and receive more emails. The pricing list on the EmailJS website provides an overview of the different features offered with every plan.

Can EmailJS be used for my business?

Yes! EmailJS can be used to effectively create customized templates to send messages for your small business. It’s a great choice for business owners who run online businesses that feature contact forms on their website. You can easily create a contact form through EmailJS that features your company details and standard message format. Your template will be created using your customized HTML code. The contact form will send the submissions you receive directly to your inbox. This page goes into detail about how to create a contact form with EmailJS to boost your business communications.

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