Email Without Ads

Advertisements have infiltrated every aspect of the internet - even your inbox. Finding the best free email without ads is integral if you want to maintain an organized email account. You might have noticed when you open Microsoft, Gmail, and Yahoo that ads have been subtly added to your inbox. The ads that appear in your email account are tailored to your preferences with the intention of making them more enticing. Companies like Google and Microsoft use your data to choose the most enticing advertisements to place in your inbox. The best solution? Switch to an email with no ads - or add your email accounts to an ad free email app like eM Client.

Popular providers for email with no ads

Trusted email providers like Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo have begun using ads in some versions of their email accounts. We’re going to cover solutions for removing ads if you wish to keep your current account.

  • Gmail with no ads

    Users who implement a tabbed view in their Gmail accounts will notice that ads appear under the promotions and social section. Removing the ads from your Gmail account is easy - all you need to do is change the layout of your email to remove the tabs. Here’s how you do it:

    • Log into Gmail though webmail and click Settings in the right corner.
    • Click See All Settings.
    • Click Inbox.
    • Deselect “Enable bundling of top promo emails in Promotions.”
    Screenshot from Gmail with checkbox Enable bundling of top promo emails in Promotions

    Now when you log into Gmail, no ads will appear at the top of your inbox. This is a quick fix that will improve your overall Gmail experience - for both webmail and the Gmail app. After you disable ads on webmail, your Gmail app has no ads. The next time you click on your Gmail app, it will synchronize to your adjusted webmail settings. This applies to all applications you use with your Gmail account - including eM Client.

  • Yahoo Mail no ads

    Similar to Gmail, Yahoo displays ads at the top of the inbox. However, Yahoo mail ads can only be removed if you upgrade your account to a paid Yahoo mail plus subscription.

    This is not an ideal option for anyone who wants a free email with no ads - but it allows users to continue using the familiar Yahoo mail interface. If you want a email without ads, you might need to consider a different email address or use an external ad free email app like eM Client!

    Screenshot of Yahoo webmail
    Yahoo shows you ad atop your emails
  • Microsoft Outlook ads

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to remove ads if you have a free version of Outlook. Advertisements on Outlook (both webmail, New Outlook and the mobile application) have been recently rolling out. Like Yahoo and Gmail, the ads are formatted in a banner at the top of your email.

    Your best option is to switch to a new email program without adverts - or one that gives you the flexibility to customize your settings.

    Screenshot of settings in Outlook webmail
    No option to remove ads in New Outlook

    If you’re simply frustrated with the sheer amount of promotional emails you receive that feel like constant advertisements - a solution is to use a temporary email address when you’re asked to sign up for newsletters and offers. The mail you send will not go to your typical email account, and will instead be deleted from your temporary email account after a short time frame. Temp mail does include advertisements on their website, but if you use Temp mail, no ads from promotional content you’ve signed up for will go to your account.

Best free email without ads

There are plenty of options for anyone who wants a free email with no ads. When you’re choosing a new email account, check to make sure that your new provider does not use ads. High security email providers like ProtonMail are a great option since they guarantee that your information will not be used for advertisements.

The downside to switching to a new add free email provider is that you’ll have to download and transfer data from your original email account to retain your old messages. An easy solution to bypass advertisements in your email is to download an email client - like eM Client - that is compatible with all email providers and never shows ads.

Add your email account to eM Client!

Looking for the best email client without ads? eM Client is a great choice for users looking for an ad-free email experience. eM Client only synchronizes your messages through the IMAP protocol. Any advertisements displayed in webmail will not appear in eM Client - making it the best option for a free email without ads. eM Client prioritizes your security, so you can relax knowing that your email data will not be scanned to promote advertisements. No need to find a new free email without ads - add the email account you already use to eM Client and enjoy an ad free experience.

eM Client is a fully ad free email app even in its Free version.

eM Client offers more than just an ad-free email experience. Get access to tasks, a calendar, contacts, and other features that will help improve your organization and productivity. Check out our blog to learn more about eM Client’s great features and discover exciting email tricks!