eM Client as an email organization app

Manage your emails efficiently with eM Client, the best email management app.

We can talk about apps to organize email for hours but rest assured, that the best email management app is eM Client. Be it personal or business email software, it can cover both of these areas of your email needs and provide extra functionalities on top of it. In this article, we'll talk about how you can utilize eM Client's full potential.

Which eM Client features I can use to organize my emails?

First of all, there are a lot of different ways to work with folders, you can create “Search Folders”, various structures of subfolders you can adjust to your liking, and local folders. You can also create color-coded tags, flags and add notes to received emails. Not only that, all of the columns in the message list can be added, removed, resized or you can just go with minimalistic message list.
But don’t take our word for granted and see all the customization options for yourself

Email organization software, Calendar, Address Book, Notebook, To-Do List, IM - you name it.

Composing emails, sending emails, receiving emails, everybody can do that but eM Client isn't just an email organization software, because that would be boring. Aside from emails, it can do almost everything you may need for instant messaging, scheduling, organizing your contacts, and creating online meetings, you can even view the RSS feed and browse basic websites in eM Client using the Widgets feature.

Sure, we can call eM Client a "basic" email organization app but that would be selling it short, and compared to the competition, you can do much more and you can do it much easier with one single app.

To learn more about eM Client’s features, please visit our Features overview webpage.

Despite having all these amazing features you'll find the eM Client interface clean, intuitive, and simple to get a hang of if you're tired of a busy user interface and a lot of useless features being constantly in your face.

You will surely find email organization is a child's play with such a powerful and convenient tool.