Email client for Windows 11

eM Client is an email program originally created for Windows OS, so it works with the newest Windows 11 but also with all currently supported Windows versions (and some older ones too!). It is the best email client for windows 11.
eM Client is still in active development, so it's a great email client 2022 - the newest version eM Client 9 just came out this year. It is the best personal email client as well as great solution for companies.

Windows 10 email client

eM Client is the best email client windows 10 with its modern UI and intuitive design. It support of large number of providers makes it a great gmail default email client or Office 365, Yahoo client and many others. In short, any email account that can be set up via IMAP, POP or Exchange protocol can be managed in eM Client!

Windows 8 email client

eM Client blends in with the sleek look of windows 8. Check out all available features eM Client can offer. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Mail client for Windows 7

eM Client can also run on windows 7 and if any of the newest versions are giving you a trouble, you can always give some of our older versions a try! Try eM Client as your email client for windows 7 today.
All official versions of eM Client are available in our Release History.

If you want to check in detail how eM Client compares to other Windows email apss, visit the How to compare webpage!