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Boost your productivity
with eM Client and vBoxxCloud

eM Client is a desktop email client with full vBoxxCloud cloud storage support.

No more local attachments

  • Use your vBoxxCloud cloud storage with eM Client

  • Simply attach your files as cloud storage links instead of adding physical attachments to your emails

  • The file size is limited only by the capacity of your cloud storage

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Full control over your cloud files

  • Upload attachments from eM Client directly to vBoxxCloud

  • Cloud attachments are listed as normal attachments in eM Client (when sending and receiving files)

  • Set an expiration date for your files

Where to begin

  • If vBoxxCloud is already installed on your device, eM Client will detect it automatically. Also, if the app is installed and you drag & drop or choose a file from a cloud storage folder, you will be asked about connecting your vBoxxCloud storage to eM Client.

  • If vBoxxCloud is not installed, it needs to be added manually. Go to Settings > Mail > Attachments and click the Add button to add vBoxxCloud.

  • Upon attaching files from vBoxxCloud for the very first time, you will be prompted to enter your vBoxxCloud credentials.

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Learn how to link files from vBoxxCloud to eM Client, step by step.

  1. Screenshot

    To attach a file from your vBoxxCloud storage as a link, first click the Attachment button the same way you would attach files normally.

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    Go to the vBoxxCloud folder set on your device and choose a file you wish to add to your email as a link.

  3. Screenshot

    A dialogue box opens, giving you a choice to link the file instead of physically attaching it. To link the file, click 'Yes'. Additionally, the option to attach the files uploaded to cloud storages only as links can be set as default.

  4. Screenshot

    The credentials of your vBoxxCloud account are required to proceed the first time. The password can be saved and remembered.

  5. Screenshot

    A file saved on your vBoxxCloud cloud storage is successfully added to your email as a link.

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