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eM Client with Microsoft Teams Chat

eM Client is a communications hub that can bind together your mail and chat with MS Teams Chat support.


eM Client is a complete solution for your Microsoft Exchange account, now including MS Teams chat so you can communicate with your colleagues one-on-one, use group chats or have complex conversations in channels.


Learn how to setup eM Client with MS Teams chat step by step.

  1. Screenshot

    Open the account settings via menu > Accounts.

  2. Screenshot

    Click the "+ Add account" button to open the New Account window.

    Instead of the automatic setup, select Chat / Group Chat section and then select Teams.
    Click Next.

  3. Screenshot

    An OAuth authentication will be displayed in a new internet browser window. Select or type in your MS Teams account, enter your password and click Next.

  4. Screenshot

    If you are using oAuth login for the first time, your browser will ask you if you want to return to the eM Client app - click “Open eM Client” to continue.

  5. Screenshot

    Choose a name for your chat account and click Next.

  6. Screenshot

    Click Finish to finalize the setup and chat with your team using your MS Teams account directly inside eM Client.

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