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Boost your productivity
with eM Client and GoToMeeting

eM Client is a desktop email client with extensive support for GoToMeeting and online meetings.

Online meetings in one click

  • Connect your GoToMeeting account with eM Client

  • Set a scheduled or an instant Online Meeting

  • Easily distribute meeting invites to the event participants
Online Meetings
Online Meetings

How it works

  • To start your Online Meeting right away, simply click the arrow within the +New button, select Online Meeting and pick GoToMeeting from the provider list. eM Client will instantly create an online meeting room within GoToMeeting.

  • There are also three ways to set a scheduled online meeting: you can either click the arrow within the +New button and select Event, or go to Calendar and click the +New button, or simply double click on a free space in your Calendar.


Learn how to connect GoToMeetings to eM Client, step by step.

  1. Screenshot

    First you need an existing GoToMeeting account.
    You can also create one on the GoToMeeting website.

  2. Screenshot

    To connect your GoToMeeting account with eM Client, go to Menu > Settings > Online Meetings > General, click the Add button and select GoToMeeting from the list of online meeting providers.

  3. Screenshot

    In a separate browser window you will be prompted to sign into your GoToMeeting account with your standard login credentials for the service.

  4. Screenshot

    After you've logged in, click "Open eM Client"
    to return to eM Client's settings.

  5. Screenshot

    Your GoToMeeting account is
    successfully connected with eM Client.

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