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Switch from Hancom Mail to eM Client

The Hancom Mail app will stop working at the end of the year 2023.
But you can easily migrate your Hancom Mail data to eM Client.
Find out how to migrate all your settings and data and how to get a free eM Client Pro license.

Migrate for free from Hancom Mail to eM Client

eM Client is a user friendly and feature-rich desktop email client for both Windows and Mac.
Follow these instructions and have things running within minutes:

  1. Screenshot

    In your Hancom Mail app, go to Menu > File > Export.

  2. Screenshot

    Select Export settings to .xml files and click Next.

  3. Screenshot

    In the next steps select which part of the Hancom Mail settings you want to keep and choose a destination file for your settings file. Click Finish.
    Once the files are exported, you will get a notification.

    Note: If you have any local data stored in Local folders, you can follow the same steps just select export of messages into EML files, contacts into VCF and any other data that is not synchronized with your account.

  4. Screenshot

    Next step is to download and install eM Client.

    Open the downloaded setup file and proceed with the installation steps.

  5. Screenshot

    Once eM Client it opened, skip the initial setup
    and go to Menu > File > Import.

  6. Screenshot

    Scroll down to import eM Client settings (.xml), select the file you exported from Hancom and follow the import steps.

  7. Screenshot

    You're all set!

    You can now use your email accounts and other settings in eM Client, the same way it was in Hancom Mail app.

    Note: The import options can be accessed at any time later via Menu > File > Import, so if you exported any other data in the previous step, you can repeat it for your messages in .eml files, contacts in .vcf, etc.

Your new license

Finally, to make full use of eM Client, you will need to get a new license - but you do not have to buy one.

Send us details about your Hancom license or proof of its purchase to [email protected] and we will send you an eM Client 9 license at no extra charge.

If you encounter any problems with account setup or anything else,
you can always contact us, we are ready to assist!