eM Client Partner Program

Ever wish you could instantly earn extra money every time you help a customer? The eM Client Partner Program lets you do just that when you join our channel partner program. It doesn’t matter where your company is located; the eM Client Partner Program spans across the globe, from the United States to Japan. Our global partners earn money while providing customers with our cutting-edge email and productivity software. Unlike a referral program, our partner program allows you to directly sell eM Client through your company to earn commission. Our partnership agreement will pay you commission for every eM Client license sold. We’ll provide all the marketing support and promotional materials - all you have to do is sign up and start selling!

Unlike our affiliate partner program, the eM Client Partner Program lets you sell our product directly. The eM Client partnership program functions as a channel partner program; giving you an excellent opportunity to profit off of our successful email client while providing an innovative solution for your customers. Both eM Client and your business will earn the benefit of user acquisition with every license sold.

Learn more about the benefits of our partnership program and become an eM Client business partner today!

How does the partnership work?

When you become a part of the eM Client partner program, you’ll make money every time you sell an eM Client license to your customers. Both your company and eM Client benefit from the sale of our email client with our revenue sharing model. This partner program for systems integrators is great for companies that offer products and services that compliment eM Client.

After you become an approved partner, you’ll be given access to the license manager. The license manager lets you distribute licenses that you sell.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Submit your partnership program application at the bottom of this page.
  • We’ll review your application and get in touch. Let us know if you’ve got any questions or special requests.
  • After we’ve discussed the details and options for our business partnership, we’ll set up an account for you in our License Manager.
  • Once the License Manager is set up with your email account, you can begin buying credit to resell licenses to your clients. Each credit can be purchased for the value of 1 USD each. Use the email associated with your License Manager to properly add credit to your account. Follow this link to add eM Client credits to your reseller account.

That’s it! It’s easy. You’re ready to start selling eM Client after the License Manager set up is complete and credits have been added to your account.

Follow these steps when selling an eM Client license to a customer:

  • Log into the License Manager.
  • Select “Licenses.” This page shows you all the licenses you have sold so far.
  • Next, you’ll need to click “Add Subject” at the top of the page to add a new customer.
  • Fill in the customer’s information.
  • Complete the license information. Choose the license type: Pro or Pro with a Lifetime Upgrades. Only keep the Business option checked if you are selling a license to a business that will need access to a license manager. On this same page, you’ll see the cost breakdown and your earned commission. Submit the page after you’ve accurately filled in the information.

After these steps have been completed, your customer will have their eM Client license and you’ll earn commission!

Partnership options

We’ve created partnership choices based on what your company needs. Choose one of three different partnership levels: Authorized Partner, Silver Partner, and Gold Partner. All options include a License Manager account, License Upgrades, Marketing Materials, promotional materials, and newsletters. There’s added benefits for each level according to the partnership agreement; including sales incentives plans and access to new sales management training techniques. The highest partnership level is Gold - which offers a unique opportunity for sales management training.

  • Authorized Partner: This partnership level gives you access to all of the required tools for becoming an eM Client partner.
  • Silver Partner: Partners who upgrade to the Silver Partner level will receive the added bonus of marketing assistance for eM Client partner sales. This level gets access to special campaigns, the Premium Partner badge, a coordinated marketing plan, Partner Finder listing, and sales leads. These tools will give you extra assurance of your success and help you earn even more commission.
  • Gold Partner: Get access to everything included for Silver Partners and more! Gold Partners receive invaluable on demand sales training and a partner case study to support your sales enablement.

View the details in the comparison chart for Partner Levels here.

Earn commission

You’ll earn commission immediately after selling an eM Client license, so there’s no waiting around for your money. Depending on your partnership level; the typical sales margin ranges from 30% - 45%. You’ll see the amount of profit earned immediately after each sale. This profit sharing model is mutually beneficial for both your company and eM Client. Check out this document to learn more about issuing your first license to start earning commission.

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Marketing support

Boost your sales with partner marketing! To help promote your eM Client sales, we have created marketing support in the form of pre-made branded materials for our partnership program. Our promotional marketing materials come in a file filled with everything you could possibly need to inform your customers and encourage them to purchase eM Client through your company. The downloadable zip file available on this page contains helpful screenshots, eM Client demonstration images, logos, and more. Use the images on your website or incorporate them into your own advertisements to create custom marketing materials.

Teach your customers about all of the great benefits that come with eM Client while promoting our product. As a member of our partnership program, you’ll have permission to share eM Client blog posts and YouTube videos on your own website or social media channels to promote sales.

Growth opportunities and sales incentives

The eM Client Partner Program will help your business become better than it has ever been before. The partnership program also functions as a customer acquisition strategy. Customers who are already interested in eM Client will be more inclined to use your product or service; since they will be able to easily obtain eM Client licenses through channel sales without ever needing to reach out to eM Client.

Our current partners have seen proven success selling eM Client to individuals, small businesses, and even government organizations. Selling eM Client to large companies or organizations will give your company the chance to earn extra commission through the sales of a higher volume of eM Client licenses. Our program partner Softnow has earned over $66,000 in extra revenue since partnering with eM Client!

Check out our channel partners’ success stories on our website and see for yourself how the eM Client Partner Program will help your business grow!