eduMail Guide

eduMail is the mail system for all staff working for the Victoria school system in Australia. Each faculty member is given an eduMail login to access the official staff mail.

Recently, upgrades were made to the education mail system to improve the cloud storage and efficiency. Our guide will cover the basics of accessing your eduMail login and provide an overview of helpful Edumail features that will help your workflow and make communications stress free.

How do I find my eduMail login?

Your eduMail login is facilitated by your school rather than the education department as a whole. Your school will use eduPass in order to manage passwords and more for each email account. After being hired by the education department, you are given an eduMail login to set up your digital communications. Your eduMail login will contain the address domain or depending on your role. Your email name will contain your legal name. You have the option of updating your name to be reflected in your email address when you go to your eduMail profile.

If you are having trouble remembering your eduMail login information, you can always contact support to get assistance. If you simply forgot your password, it can easily be reset by going through the account recovery process. This process will require that you type your username and other details that you remember about your account for your eduMail login. The school principal (or someone selected by the principal) is responsible for email password management for anyone who loses their account access - so speak with your principal if you’re feeling lost.

What are some of the eduMail features?

With your eduMail login, you can do essentially everything you need to communicate in order to excel at work. Use cloud storage, send attachments, and manage your messages. Your messages are protected by passwords and advanced security. This includes multi-factor authentication; a security feature that adds a couple of extra steps to the login process to verify your identity. You might be asked to provide your phone number or answer a security question during the eduMail login process. This is integral so sensitive information like student reports can be shared between staff members.

Additionally, you have access to cloud storage. This means that any files that you send will be sent and stored through the cloud rather than as a regular file. This saves space and ensures that your attachments are always accessible through the cloud. This is a new feature available to anyone with an eduMail login. Cloud storage will prove to be essential for anyone with an eduMail login who needs to access important files on any device!

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