Create a new email account

Nowadays you need an email address to do just about anything on the internet, from registering for a service to buying a car. Emails are a great alternative to physical mail. Sometimes, we begin realizing that we dislike our current email provider, but picking a new one isn’t quite easy! We will help you to figure out how to properly pick an email provider.

How to select an email provider?

Here are some of the most important criteria to check for, when you are looking for a new email provider:

  • Reputation: Your email provider’s reputation should be good and not known for any scams or have a suspicious website and online presence. Did you know that an email address and domain is one of the first things that your clients notice?
  • Archive: Good email providers should allow you to have the ability to save, store, archive, and search your messages.
  • Security: Security is a must in our modern world, no one wants unauthorized people gaining access to their email account! Both the account setup should require a secure password and there should be additional security options available such as app passwords, security questions, etc.
  • Spam Filter: Spam messages only waste our time and no one likes them. It is important to ensure that your email provider has a good system that detects and filters spam messages.
  • Storage: Storage is a very important aspect when selecting an email provider because you wouldn’t want to run out of storage unexpectedly and stop receiving new messages.

Free emails:

The majority of famous email providers are free for regular consumers, here are some of our favorites, as well as instructions on how to create an email account with them:

How to create a Gmail account:

Gmail is a great free email provider, and very often it is one’s first email account. They also provide great calendar and contacts functionalities. But do you happen to be someone who is switching over to Gmail and has no clue where to begin?

Head to and go through the setup process. It’s as simple as that!

How to create a Yahoo! account:

Yahoo! mail is a great mail provider, especially if you have limited hard disk space because Yahoo! mail has the most storage for free.

You can setup a Yahoo! Account by heading to

How to create an iCloud account:

Are you searching for an email provider with an excellent spam filter and archive folder? Say hello to iCloud mail.

You can set up an iCloud mail account by heading to and clicking on Create Apple ID at the bottom of the page.

How to create an Outlook account:

Have you always wanted an email account that can easily integrate with Office 365? Microsoft Outlook provides just that and so much more!

You can set up a Microsoft Outlook email account by heading to

Fun fact: Did you know that free email service providers aren’t quite free? It’s free for you, the user, because you get to use the email service provider’s email, but are there no strings attached?

Free email providers usually show advertisements, they scan your emails for keywords and metadata. This isn’t hidden information, as it is usually written in the email service provider’s Terms of Use. So it’s up to you to decide if this possible loss of privacy is worth it for a free email account.

Paid emails:

As you may know, not everything is free nowadays. Here’s where paid email providers come to hand, which are used by businesses, for instance.

But why are there paid emails?

Sometimes, paid emails have their advantages. Whether it’s the ability to expand your storage or to have the ability to use your custom domain.

Paid email service providers often allow you to have higher security.

How to setup an email in eM Client:

Once you have decided on which email service provider to use, you might like to use it with your favorite email client - eM Client.

Here’s how to start using your new email account with eM Client:

Head to Menu > Accounts and click the Add Account button. You can go ahead and set up your email account through the automatic setup. eM Client is capable of setting up your email provider’s recommended settings which are set up easily and fast!