Can an email be unsent?

With eM Client it’s possible!

Question that has probably come across everyone’s mind after sending an email by accident or in a haste- Can I unsend that message?
Whether it was a typo, the wrong recipient’s address used by accident, or you just forgot a signature, things like that can happen and most likely, they already happened to all of us at some point.
Worry not, because eM Client got you covered, you can edit unsent messages and give it another shot as if nothing happened.
Let’s take a brief look at how different email apps are handling this feature and what you can expect when you use the “unsend” feature.

Unsending/recalling an email in outlook

While in many apps including eM Client, you have a limited amount of time to unsend a message, Outlook doesn’t have this limitation. On the other hand, recalling a message in Outlook requires you and the recipient to have accounts that are using Exchange service and are on the same email server.
Another limitation is that in order to unsend a message in Outlook it has to remain unread on the recipient’s end. Once it has been read by the recipient, there’s no way to unsend an email in Outlook. Another obstacle in recalling a sent message in Outlook is the fact that the recipient can simply disable this feature which will prevent you from unsending an email. In other words, “Recall message” is a very useful feature but its use is limited in some aspects and there are certain limitations you need to be aware of before relying on this feature.
How to unsend an email in Outlook? In the “Sent Items” folder double click on the message you’d like to unsend/recall to open it in a separate window. Then select File>Info and proceed with clicking on “Message resend and Recall > Recall This message.

Sure, it’s informative and all but… how do I unsend message in eM Client?

As was previously mentioned, eM Client allows you to unsend a message only for a limited amount of time. You can enable the “Unsend” feature and configure the time limit for unsending a message in Menu > Settings > Mail > Send.
After hitting send you should see a blue ”Undo” button at the bottom of eM Client window, this button will unsend the message and will place it into the “Drafts” folder.
That also covers the question- How to send an unsend message or where do I even find a message I’ve previously unsent?
Once unsent, the message will turn into a draft which can be edited and sent again just like a regular message.