Calendar sharing with eM Client

Do you constantly overbook yourself? Or are you just having trouble finding a good time to meet with your colleagues for an important meeting? Try calendar sharing and get back in control of your schedule! The calendar feature offered by popular email providers and email clients is essential for keeping track of all of your events. Email services like Gmail and Outlook have shared calendar options to help you coordinate schedules for both your work and personal life. eM Client will help you reclaim control over your life with calendar sharing.

What is calendar sharing?

Calendar sharing gives you the power to view the times that your friends, family, and coworkers are available to meet. This is a great tool for anyone who frequently needs to coordinate plans. With calendar sharing, you can share specific calendars you’ve created with your contacts. For example, if you coach a sports team; you can create and share a calendar that includes the dates of important competitions. Or, if you run your own business, you can make a custom work calendar that allows your clients to see what times you’re available. Add multiple shared calendars for every organization you’re a part of. Calendar sharing ensures that you never accidentally double-book yourself.

How to share Google calendars

Google Workspace gives you several options for calendar sharing that allows you to subscribe to calendars, share calendars, and publish calendars. To share your Gmail calendar with other recipients, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your Google Calendar through your web browser.
  • Select a calendar in the left toolbar and click Options > Settings and Sharing.
  • Add people to your calendar by typing in their email address in Share with Specific People or Groups. Google will automatically save your changes.

That’s it! When you’re adding people to the calendar, you also have the choice of giving your guests permission to make changes to shared calendar events, see event details, or only see free/busy instead of the full event. You can also simply publish your event and obtain a shareable link to send the event to whoever you want. These options give you control over your events to prevent any unwanted changes.

How to use Outlook shared calendar

For shared calendars, Outlook offers a feature that is similar to Google’s shared calendar. You also have the choice to share existing or newly created calendars. Here’s how to set up an Outlook shared calendar:

  • Go to Calendar and then click on “Shared Calendar.”
  • Select the calendar you need to share.
  • Click Add to input the names of your contacts who need access to the shared calendar.

Microsoft also lets you decide how much your recipients can see or modify within your shared calendar. Go to Calendar Properties to see your Microsoft outlook shared calendar options.

Calendar sharing with eM Client

Need an email client that will synchronize your already created shared calendar from Google, Outlook, and more? Easily manage and create events in your shared calendar from the convenience of your eM Client desktop application. eM Client automatically grants you access to all of the shared calendars you’ve synced from your email accounts. Simply accept the invitation you’ve received to join a shared calendar, and it will be added to your eM Client account.

Create a shared calendar in eM Client

Outlook users using eM Client will be happy to know that calendars can be managed and delegated directly through eM Client. For eM Client users with Gmail accounts - be aware that you can only add and share your calendar through the web interface. After you’ve done that, eM Client will then sync your shared Gmail calendars in the application.

To share a calendar an Exchange account in eM Client:

  • Go to Calendars. Choose a calendar and right-click > Share. Enter the recipient’s contact information.
Steps for sharing a calendar in eM Client
Steps for sharing a calendar in eM Client

To share a calendar with standard CalDAV in eM Client:

  • Go to Calendars, and right-click the one you want to share > Properties > Access Control and then add your recipient’s information.

During the process of sharing your calendar, you’ll be able to determine how much control the members have over events. You can also manage how much control your recipients get over the calendar after it’s been shared. For most CalDAV accounts, you can do this by navigating to: Properties > Access Control.

Calendar folder properties: edit privileges
Calendar folder properties: edit privileges

As shown in the image above, you can modify the calendar privileges for all, unauthenticated, or an individual.

Start adding events after your shared calendar has been created. Here’s how to create an event for your calendar:

  • In the Calendar section, click the New button or double click on a calendar space.
  • Choose your meeting options: Standard Event or Online Meeting.
  • Add a Title, Time, Date, and Location.
  • Next to the Save and Close button, click Calendar and choose the calendar you’d like to add the event to. Your shared calendar will be shown here.

Members of the shared calendar will automatically see the event once it’s been added. If you’re struggling to add or edit events to a calendar that was shared with you; reach out to the owner of the calendar and check to make sure that they’ve adjusted their sharing permissions to allow you to change events.

More eM Client shared calendar features

Using eM Client to manage your shared client provides many benefits that simplifies the process of viewing, creating, and editing events:

  • Easy calendar access: One of the best parts about calendar sharing in eM Client is that you’ll be able to view the calendars for all of your connected accounts all in one place. Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the left toolbar. Click on your account name to see the associated calendars. Your shared calendars will be listed here. You will also see a section for Internet Calendars and Local Folders.
  • Edit events: Select the event you need to edit. In the toolbar at the top of the screen, click Edit. You’ll have options to change the date, time, name, location, participants, and more. After you click Save and Close, you’ll be given the option to notify the participants that the event was changed.
  • Internet calendars: eM Client gives you the option to subscribe to an Internet calendar. You can do this just for fun, or you can paste a public calendar link that was shared by an organization you’re a part of. Go to Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar, then copy and paste your link!

eM Client’s calendar tool is a game changer for anyone with a hectic schedule. If you want to learn more about what you can do with your calendar, tasks, email, and more with eM Client, check out our blog and discover useful tricks!