2 Mar 2023

Workaround for the sending issue via SMTP for Microsoft Outlook.com accounts

At the beginning of February, Microsoft started having issues with their secure OAuth authentication for SMTP protocol used for sending emails in external apps. This has affected all eM Client users who set up their free Outlook.com email accounts, including emails with domains for outlook, hotmail, live, msn and other free Microsoft domains, as the eM Client app always uses the latest, most secure Authentication options available for given accounts.
That unfortunately meant that eM Client couldn’t send email from Outlook and Hotmail accounts.

Workaround for outlook.com SMTP sending issue.

Using direct login with App password or using an older OAuth authentication still worked, which is why we at first provided a workaround in our knowledgebase to easily switch to this older authentication option - Cannot send emails for Outlook.com accounts - Authentication aborted

We opted to provide this simple workaround as it does not force you to update to a new version of eM Client (so you can stay with your older update if you prefer older UI or other details) and also because we believed Microsoft would fix the bug on their servers soon - after all, this affected all external apps who used their preferred, most secure login option, so they would want their users to be able to stay fully protected, right?

Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case, so instead of waiting any further, we have created a new update with a more direct workaround - the default Outlook.com setup now uses ActiveSync protocol to send emails instead of SMTP protocol.
So the account can be set up with the latest OAuth and still send messages.

We are pushing out the update to all users in waves but if you do not want to wait for the Automatic update to pop up, you can install the app directly via the links below:

You will not need to re-add your account or change your account setup in any way, installing the update will apply the change automatically. Just make sure AirSync service is enabled in the Menu > Accounts section.

Note: If you have previously used the workaround for older authentication, you can remove it, the steps are available in the original article.

If your license only covers eM Client 8 or older, you will need to use the older workaround still - please make sure to check what version your license can be used with in Menu > Help > License.