30 Sep 2019

When start-ups grow up

The award-winning email client celebrates its 10th birthday.

Happy birthday to us! eM Client, your beloved email client for Windows and Mac, was introduced 10 years ago. Since then we have gained more than 1.5 million active users worldwide and received multiple professional awards. Today, eM Client is a reliable partner of hundreds of thousands of individual users, and the most sound names of global business too. All of that thanks to you, our wonderful clients.

eM Client anniversary banner

From a dorm to Silicon Valley

eM Client began as a student project in a small 2+1 flat on the outskirts of Prague. Driven by four young IT minds with a viable concept at hand, the project soon tasted the atmosphere of Silicon Valley. With just a tiny seed capital, the company has experienced consistent growth of both users and revenue ever since.

There were several important mile–stones, e.g. the decision to support Microsoft Exchange technology, Gmail, and to provide the top desktop experience for Google services. Since the introduction of eM Client version 6.0 in 2016, we have counted new users in hundreds of thousands a year.

To make emailing easier to even broader audience, version for macOS was introduced in January 2019. Thanks to this, eM Client has become the most universal desktop email client on the market.

eM Client Founders Golden Gate Bridge ...set for an unexpected journey. eM Client founders in California, 2009

Emailing made painless

We now provide email management for individual users as well as renowned brands like Toyota, DPD, Avis, McDonald‘s or Home Credit. The reasoning behind their choice of eM Client is simple: „It's a fresh, platform-independent solution,“ Michal Bürger, our CEO and co-founder, explains. „We can connect to virtually every mail server there is and grant users the comfort of an intuitive desktop application. It's an efficient, yet pleasant environment for communication, collaboration and task planning we aim for.“

Indeed, eM Client will surprise you with its speed, stability and security. Its interface is thoughtfully designed for fast and painless management of your emails, calendars, tasks, or contacts. And whatever issue there might be, a professional support is ready to solve it.

eM Client Founders eM Client HQ Prague From left to right: Libor Grafnetr, Michal Bürger, and Filip Navara (2019).

Uncool features of eM Client 8.0

Where we're headed next? The upcoming version 8.0 will come with completely redesigned user interface and new features such as automatic email categorization, cloud storage support for attachments, Notes support, Snooze and Remind-when-not-replied function, and further simplified PGP encryption with new public key exchange service.

“Our goal is to keep it simple and extremely intuitive on the outside, with no training needed for new users. It's an "uncool" desktop app, but it gets things done beyond expectations, for everybody — whether it's an individual user or a corporation. That's what makes it cool in the end.” Michal reckons.

New to eM Client? Try it out! It's free and fabulous.

Ready for more? Buy the PRO license and enjoy:

  • unlimited email accounts
  • unlimited commercial use
  • professional VIP support
  • translation of emails into 25 languages and more.

And in the meantime, check out our new YouTube channel for how-to videos.