13 Dec 2021

Undisclosed recipients and how to send mass email in eM Client

Need to send emails to multiple recipients without disclosing and revealing their email addresses to each other? Or just have a list of contacts and you want to reach these numerous people at once?
Use the Mass Mail feature in eM Client for that.

Undisclosed recipients and mass email

What’s the difference between Mass Mail and BCC?

Both BCC and Mass Mail can be, to some extent, used for the same objective of sending emails to multiple recipients.

If you add recipients’ addresses to the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field, these addresses are not visible to other recipients of the email (unlike when you put them to the CC field, or To field).

eM Client’s feature Mass Mail, however, allows you to send email to multiple recipients properly and in accordance with data privacy protection guidelines. With Mass Mail, each recipient gets their own copy of the message (with no addresses in CC).

When to use Mass Mail?

While it’s ok to use BCC for a few recipients, it’s always preferable to use Mass Mail for numerous recipients. The biggest advantage of the Mass Mail feature is that each recipient will see their own name and email address in the received message, unlike when receiving a hidden BCC copy, where you cannot avoid the impersonal "Unknown Recipients" title in the message header if you leave the To field blank, or are forced to fill in your own or another "placeholder" email address.

Mass Mail allows you to use variables that will replace information in your email with the recipients’ details, based on what you have saved in your Contacts in eM Client. Unlike BCC you can, for example, use a customized salutation in Mass Mail thanks to variables.

This can be very handy when addressing clients in a more personal way. You can also use it for sending nice customized holiday emails to your friends and family.

Anyway, if you maintain your Contacts well, you can easily use eM Client as a regular (and very functional) CRM system.

How to use Mass Mail in eM Client?

To use the Mass Mail feature, add the recipients or use a distribution list from your Contacts folder in the To: field. Instead of pressing Send navigate to Menu > Message > Send as Mass Mail in the new message window.

eM Client: Send as mass mail

The Mass Mail option is also available under the Send drop-down menu (Send > Send as Mass Mail).

Please note that you need to have the Pro version to use Mass Mail in eM Client.

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