2 Apr 2014

The Best Shortcuts to Use with eM Client

Most people who use eM Client as their email client are unaware of the many shortcuts they can take to make using the client even more convenient and powerful. Once you learn these shortcuts, you can start to deal with email, calendar, tasks, and chat faster and more efficiently.

Using All Inboxes

Many users of eM Client have more than three email accounts connected to it. Going from one inbox to the next takes time, and can increase the risk of missing valuable emails when missing one of the inboxes. Instead of going from one inbox to the next, we suggest simply clicking on All Inboxes under the Smart Folders section of eM Client. This will display all emails from every inbox, so you can go through them all without going to different accounts.

Saving Important Emails

While you can create a folder named Important to save emails you need to go back to at a later time, we suggest a faster, simpler way. You can simply click on the flag on the left side of an email to add it to the Smart Folder “Flagged.” When you need to go back to an email, you can simply click on Flagged, and it will be waiting for you there.

Text Shortcuts

Ctrl+B = Bold

Ctrl+I = Italics

Ctrl+U = Underline

Other shortcuts

Ctrl+N = New Email
Want to start a new email without navigating to the new icon on the menu bar? Simply press ctrl+N and a new email will pop up.

Ctrl+R = Reply
To reply to emails, you can simply press ctrl+R for the reply email to come up.

Ctrl+A = Select All
Want to select all emails in your inbox to move them to another folder? Press Ctrl+A and they will all highlight.
Try this: Use Ctrl+A to highlight all emails in a folder, and then move them to Flagged – they will all instantly be flagged.

Ctrl+S = Save Email
Want to save an email to your computer? Click on the email and press Ctrl+S. This will bring up the window to save the email as a file.

Ctrl+F = Forward Email
If you want to forward an email to someone, you can use Ctrl+F to do it.

Ctrl+T = Translate Email
Do you have an email in a language you are not proficient in? Use the short Ctrl+T to translate the email quickly.

Ctrl+P = Print an Email
Want to print an email? Just press Ctrl+P and you will be able to send it to your printer.

Ctrl+F = Find and Replace
While in an email, you can use Ctrl+F to find words and replace them with another word.

Ctrl+M = Next line
Using Ctrl+M will go to the next line in an email.

Ctrl+D = Delete
Delete an email quickly with Ctrl+D.

There are many more shortcuts, but these will get you started. Come back often for more tips and tricks to using eM Client the way it was meant to be used – quickly and simply.