4 Aug 2014

Setting Up Signatures for Emails with eM Client

Email signatures are professional looking and they give people information about how to contact you other than hitting reply. Even for personal use, email signatures give your email character. It gives you a chance to show your personality because you can use a quote or just create a fancy signature using a special font for your name. The other bonus to signatures is that they are easy. Once you have it set up, you never have to do anything to have it placed on your email. It's there when you start a new email or reply to someone, if you choose that setting. Here's how to set it up for the first time.

 Go to Tools and select Settings.

Click on Mail and then Templates and Signatures.

You will see two sections in the window that comes up:
1. Mail Templates
2. Signatures

We will show you how to use mail templates on another blog. For now, we will deal with the Signatures section. Click on the block that says “Signatures…” A new window will appear. You can create a new signature by click on the Add button to the right. A new window will appear to start editing your signature. Name the signature, so you know which one you'd like to use for which email addresses. Feel free to use all the features we have in our editing window such as the bold, italics, underline, font, etc.

Once you have your signature exactly the way you want it, click ok. You will see your signature name in the window that says Signature list. Press ok to return to the previous window.

Now you can set up the signature you want for each of your email addresses. Click on the drop down menu after the text “Select signature for account.” Select the email address you want to choose a signature for here.

Below this you will see three options:
1. Signature for new mails
2. Signature for replies
3. Signature for forwards

If you want your signature to appear on new emails, you will need to select the signature name in the drop down. If you want to have your signature show up when you are replying to people, you will need to select the signature from the list there as well. If you want it to appear when you forward emails, do the same for that drop down box. If you do not want your signature to appear for any one of these, just leave the field as “Not Selected.”

After this, press Apply and then Ok and your signatures should be working flawlessly.

Modifying and Removing Signatures

To modify or remove signatures, go to Tools, Settings, Mail, and then Templates and Signatures. Click on the box that says “Signatures…” Click on the signature name you want to change or remove from the Signature list. Simply press modify if you want to change it, or remove if you want to delete it.

You now know how to create, modify and remove signatures. Go ahead and play around with it. You'll love the way eM Client personalizes your emails and helps you make them professional at the same time.