18 Jan 2023

Send and unsend emails like a Pro

Sending emails is easy, you just type your message up and hit the big Send button. But eM Client offers some advanced sending options you might enjoy. Let’s take a look, especially at the newcomers, Undo Send and Resend, introduced in eM Client 9, in more detail.

Send and unsend emails like a Pro

How to unsend an email

Undo Send: have you been wondering how to unsend an email? Sometimes you might hit the Send button a little too soon and then realize you might have forgotten to add a certain file or information or simply made a typo that you just noticed. Now you can easily click the ‘Undo’ button that pops up in your message list to get the email back in your Drafts folder.

eM Client: Undo send button eM Client: Undo send button

But how does it work? eM Client actually takes a little pause before sending your message out and while it holds the message, you can use the Undo button to get it back. Once the Undo option disappears, the message is actually sent out and can no longer be retrieved.

You can change the waiting time for the Undo send feature in Menu > Settings > Mail > Send, or you can even disable the feature if you don’t need it.

You can see the Undo send feature in action here in this video:

Send the email again with one click

Sometimes you just need to send the same message to the same recipient as a quick reminder. Or maybe the recipient accidentally deleted your mail and needs to get it again in the same form as before.

While you could previously arrange opening the same mail in a compose window via our ‘Forward as Original’ feature, the information on recipients was removed. This is fine when you have a single recipient, but if the message was sent to two or more? And maybe some copies? That can get annoying real quick.

Now you can just go to your Sent folder and under the Forwarding option use the “Resend” feature to get your message out, just the same as it was and to the same people!

Watch our video to see how it works!

Send later

While send later is not a new feature in eM Client 9, we thought to give it a bit of a highlight in this article, as it can also elevate your sending experience! This feature was first introduced as ‘Delayed send’ in eM Client 7 but has been improved and renamed since then to the ‘Send later’ options you can use today.

You can use this option per email via the Send button dropdown and selecting the ‘Send later’ option. A window will pop up where you can insert the desired time - you can schedule messages to go out at a specific part of the day or even schedule days in advance and prepare reminder and follow-up emails ahead of time. Changing to specific hours can also be useful when communicating with people from different timezones - a message received at 1 AM when you actually sent it out at noon could look strange to some recipients and it might also be buried by newer messages from that day. Setting a more work-appropriate time may ensure that your message is received at the start of the day and noticed more quickly.

eM Client: Send later eM Client: Send later

And how does it work? eM Client will store your message in the local Outbox folder and wait for the specified time in your device to arrive and then send it out. That means that eM Client needs to be running at the specified time to be able to send your message. If the app is closed at the time, it will be sent as soon as you run your eM Client again.

Aside from using this feature from inside the compose window, you can also set up default ‘Send later’ time in Menu > Settings > Mail > Send. That way all messages are delayed a little bit, giving you the option to edit the message in the Outbox if you need to make some last-minute changes. In that regard it can be used similarly to Undo send, though if you need to make bigger changes, we do recommend dragging the message back to Drafts or changing the Send later time so the message does not go out while you’re still typing!

Undo Send and automatic Send later time unfortunately cannot be used together, but hopefully you’ll find which option works for you best!

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