4 Jan 2023

Seamless email experience with eM Client and Imageway

At eM Client, we sometimes get asked which email service we’d recommend, when users experience trouble with their past provider or want to find one that will synchronize more than just emails, but also contacts, calendars and other items.
Today we’d like to introduce one such email service provider – Imageway!

Seamless email experience with eM Client and Imageway

Who is Imageway?

Imageway is a Managed Service Provider for quality website, phone and most importantly – email hosting. eM Client directly communicates and cooperates with the authors of Imageway and thanks to that we are able to implement better integration of all services.

Imageway has offered their email hosting services since the year 2000. They specialize in email hosting using IMAP(s), POP(s), SMTP(s), CalDAV(s), and CardDAV(s) protocols. Imageway believes in supporting open standards and providing ongoing legacy support for hardware devices. Extra attention has been focused in the areas of privacy, reliability, speed, and security.

Features that Imageway considers special to their services include:

Shared account storage

Most high-end email providers now charge on a per user account basis. Imageway allows their users to create as many email accounts they want, which use a shared storage pool. Once all the accounts have used the domain allocated storage for that package level, the customer can either upgrade to a higher level package or purchase additional email storage.

IMAP/POP email recovery

Anytime an Imageway user deletes an email using IMAP or POP, it goes into a special read only directory structure for a limited time (currently 30 days). First, this protects against accidental deletions, even if the trash is emptied. Second, it means the user can restore messages even if they are permanently deleted accidentally in another app, like eM Client. Last, the messages are protected and restored in case the accounts are hacked and all messages get deleted.

IMAP accessible junk mail management

If the user receives junk mail in their INBOX, then they can just move it to the SPAM folder to train Imageway’s system and put that email address on the block list. If legitimate mail is received in the SPAM folder, moving it to the INBOX will train Imageway’s system and put that email address on the friends list. This makes junk mail management easy when using eM Client with an IMAP connection.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Imageway supports 2FA using "Google Authenticator" or "Authy" on mobile devices to provide another layer of login security. Imageway has a special 2FA implementation that supports 2FA when using IMAP or POP with any email client, such as eM Client, by using a combination of a password plus a 2-factor code when inputting the login credentials.

Large File Attachment Support

Imageway currently supports email sizes up to 150MB when using an email client. Most email providers will only accept a maximum of 25MB, so Imageway offers a special server-side setting that will automatically strip out attachments when the email size goes over 25MB and store them on the local mail server. The mail system will then automatically insert links in the outgoing email to download these attachments, similarly how eM Client’s cloud attachments work.

Email Encryption

Imageway offers end to end encryption that works with any email client. When sending an email the user only needs to put [secure] in the subject, and the email will automatically be encrypted by Imageway’s system and stored on the mail server. The mail server will then send an email with a link which can be clicked so the email can securely be accessed using a web browser.

Email Archiving

Imageway provides the ability to enable email archiving. Once enabled, all incoming and outgoing emails are stored in a searchable archive that is compressed, encrypted, and indexed. This is great if the customer needs to meet any legal requirements for email retrieval.

SSL certificate

Imageway includes a free SSL certificate for all custom domains that are set up with their hosting services. The certificate is continually renewed so it will never expire.

Imageway offers 24x7 e-mail support, and during normal business hours both phone and live chat are available. Direct support for eM Client users is included to ensure that no issues occur while connecting to their email hosting services.

If you are looking for a new service provider, we believe it is worth a try. When using eM Client you can of course synchronize all your messages via the IMAP protocol, which naturally includes all folders, flags, tags and even special status of your messages such as Snooze and Watch for reply. eM Client can also connect to the Imageway server to set up your Automatic reply while you’re away from your computer or set up Auto-forwarding for your messages.
Besides synchronizing all events via CalDAV, you can also share your calendars and tasks. And what’s more, you can sync your contacts, including number of details, tags and assigned images.

Read more about Imageway here and make sure to set up your new Imageway account in eM Client in Menu > Accounts!