8 Sep 2014

Safeguard eM Client Email with Password Protection

When you have multiple email accounts going to eM Client, it can be a pain to put in your password for every single one of them. To make it easier on you, we've implemented password protection for the eM Client application. When you have your application password protected, you will only have to put in one password to view all of your email accounts. You can then breathe easy that someone can't open your computer and eM Client to access all of your emails.

How to Password Protect eM Client

While you are in eM Client, go to Tools at the top navigation bar. Click on Settings when the drop down menu comes up. If the General menu is now pulled down, click on it. You will see options such as language, notifications, confirmations, storage, and then password protection. Click on password protection to see the window on the right.

The title of this window is Password Protected Startup. Make sure to click on Use password protected startup. This means that the application will prompt you for a password everytime you open eM Client. You can then type in the password you would like to use. Make sure it's something no one can guess. Confirm your password by typing it in again. Click on Apply and then OK.

At this point, close eM Client. You can test out your new password protection feature easily. Simply open eM Client back up and you should see a prompt asking you for your password. Type it in correctly to see if it allows you access to your email. Once you see how well it works, close the application again. This time, reopen it and type in the wrong password. You should see that it will not allow you to access your emails. Now you know for sure that no one will be able to read your emails unless you leave eM Client open or you tell someone your password.

Please Note: This password protection feature does not encrypt the database. It simply requires you to enter a password to get into eM Client application.

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