14 Feb 2023

Offload your thoughts with notes for email

If you were looking for an email app that would allow you to add notes to email messages, your search might be finally over! Sure, you could use a separate note-taking app, or you can use tags and folders to sort emails and get back to them later, but all those solutions aren’t ideal and we wanted to give our users a proper way to add notes to emails.

eM Client 9 brings a feature that allows you to add notes for emails so there’s no more need for improvised and clunky solutions. You can do it all in one app to keep things simple and your notes accessible at all times in your digital “notepad”.

eM notes for email

How can the notes improve my mailbox?

So, let’s discuss why the notes are such a big deal for productivity-oriented users. You might have received a message that you would like to get back to later and you have some quick thoughts you would like to write down. Notes are here for you. There might be some conversation about the collaborative project, where do you write down possible comments to share with colleagues in the future? That’s right, notes got you covered.

There are many use cases for notes but one thing is certain, having the possibility to attach a note to the message so your future self can backtrack your own thoughts is just useful and convenient. Sort of an email-specific sticky note without making any paper waste, what’s there not to like?

Working with notes

There’s been enough theory so let’s put the notes to good use now. To add a note, right-click on any message in the message list and look for the “Note” button. The note window will appear and you can jot down anything you need. When you are done with note-taking, click on “OK” and the note icon should appear next to the message.

Upon opening the message preview you can see the note written under the message header and it is possible to edit the note through right-click > Edit note or using the “Edit” button next to the note in the message preview. Alternatively, you can add the button to the toolbar using right-click in the toolbar area > Customize.

If you are not using the message preview, you can also view the note by hovering over the note icon in the message list. The floating text will appear and you can read the note without even having the message preview pane displayed.

To see how the notes can be used in practice, check out this video:

Synchronization of notes for emails

If you use any Exchange account, including Microsoft 365, your notes will be synchronized between eM Client apps on your devices. For other accounts, the notes will be stored locally in your device.

So if you try to synchronize your notes via the IMAP protocol on another device, the notes will not show up.

Note: If you Repair a folder in your eM Client via right-click on the folder > Properties > Repair and then click the “Repair” button (which will remove local data and re-download your messages from the server) the notes connected to your emails would also be lost.
So please keep that in mind.

Removing the existing note

Are you done with the message or no longer need the note? You can delete the entire message or delete just the note if you need to keep the message.
To delete the note go to the edit mode using the “Edit” in the message header or “Edit note” button, remove all the text, hit “OK” and the note itself will be removed.

Give the new notes for emails a shot, we are sure you will like this great addition to eM Client’s features.

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