19 Aug 2021

Never miss important emails with eM Client's Watch for Reply feature

It can happen to anybody. With the sheer volume of emails to process, we can miss receiving an anticipated email reply too (or not receiving it, for that matter). Even if it's unintentional, missing important emails can cause a lot of trouble in both professional and personal communication. Fortunately, eM Client has an elegant solution to this – the Watch for Reply feature.

Watch for Reply

What is the ‘Watch for Reply’ feature

‘Watch for Reply’ is a unique feature of eM Client, found in no other email app. As the name suggests, it allows you to set a special reminder to watch for an expected reply to an important email you sent.

The reminder can be set to

  • watch for when a message is replied to, to draw your attention to it, or

  • to get reminded that your message was not replied to after a set time, so you can reach out to the recipient again.

How to Watch for Replies in eM Client

There are more places in the user interface where the Watch for Reply feature can be found:

  • the ‘New message’ window toolbar (there’s a special Watch for Reply button there) or

  • in a context menu when right-clicking a sent message

  • Watch for Reply button in main toolbar in Sent folder

After you enable Watch for Reply for a sent message, a copy of that message is saved to a special Favorites folder called Unreplied, so you can check the replies you're waiting for any time you want.

eM Client: Watch for Reply button Watch for Reply button in the ‘New message’ window toolbar

You can also disable the Watch for Reply reminders, should the recipient reach out to you via other means and the reminders are no longer needed.

To sum it up, using eM Client’s Watch for Reply feature will help you keep control over your email communication and save you a lot of time thanks to better email management.

It’s about time to try it out.


Watch for Replies feature is only available to Pro users of eM Client version 8 (and higher). If you are a Free user and wish to use this handy feature, buy a Pro license! If you are a Pro user of eM Client 7 and older, you need to get an upgrade to version 8.

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