6 May 2014

Mothers Manage a Busy Household Simply with eM Client


Being a mother is hard work. Mothers don't get that credit many times, but they should.

Most moms say the hardest part of their jobs is organization. With so much going on at the same time, it can be hard to keep it all together. 

 At eM Client, we've been thinking of how our email client can help busy moms get organized. We came up with a whole list of ways that will help moms, so we wanted to extend it to you – our busy mom readers.

Calendar Features

eM Client has a powerful calendar. Moms can input every single school event, day off, afterschool program, and sports practice. The system enables users to put in a start and end time, an alarm for reminders, and categories. When a mom is on the go, she can simply open eM Client, click on a category, and then immediately see what she needs to do.

Categorized Email

Busy moms get overwhelmed, so they don't need their email to be as overwhelming. With eM Client, moms can set up rules and categorize to filter their emails into as they make their way into the inbox. That means all users have to do is click on an inbox or category and find all of the emails they need for that part of their life. For instance, say you have three kids who have sports practice throughout the week. If you want to know about cancellations, you can simply click on your folder marked “Sports” and see emails from the coaches. Alternatively, you can categorize emails coming through and just click on the category of emails you want to see. 

Set Up and Respond to Playdates Easily

Email is convenient. Moms write what they want to say to someone when they have a few seconds in a day. The receiving mothers will read and respond when they have a second. Since mothers are not always free at the same time, this is the easiest way to plan for upcoming playdates. 

To-Do Lists

Using the Tasks feature will help mothers stay on track, so they can get everything they want done. Moms can create a task in just a few seconds, and then they can check off each chore as they finish. This helps so many moms finally feel as though they are in control. 


Mothers are bombarded with children's requests all of the time. Sometimes, they need a break. Since breaks don't last long, eM Client gives moms the ability to chat with people they know easily and quickly. Simply set up Facebook, Gmail and other instant message platforms on the email client. All moms have to do is go to their email to start chatting and socializing with others.

As you can see eM Client is valuable to mothers. It gives them the ability to be in control when the world around them is chaotic. If you're a mom seeking peace, you may just want to give eM Client a try today.