28 Jun 2023

How to customize your eM Client application

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - so we’ve given you plenty of options for personalization. You can make your eM Client application look exactly the way you want it to so that it’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Making your inbox look visually appealing is not just for fun; adjusting your visual settings can improve your productivity! Learn how to adjust your appearance settings to create a design tailored to your unique visual preferences.

eM Client customization


You can modify the display settings based on your preferences. Adjusting the settings can help improve your productivity and improve your eM Client experience.

To navigate to the Appearance page, go to: Menu > Settings > Appearance. The appearance page will give you several options to change your display settings: Layout, Themes, Lists, and Toolbars. These options will allow you to change details including the font size and application colors.


Layout changes the organization of your messages. The position of the messages is based on the message list. You can either display your message detail on the bottom of your screen or the right. Or you can turn this off completely. This option will also let you change the sidebar; so it can be expanded, minimized, or hidden.

If you enjoy a compact view of your message list; then you’ll likely prefer to display your messages on the right. This is also the default setting. Users who like to see more details: viewing the messages at the bottom of your screen will show more details for the single line message view. The message preview can be disabled completely; for users who only want to see minimal information on their screens.

Each message list layout can be customized by right clicking at the top of the message list or one of the column headers, then by selecting Columns Configuration. This will let you add, remove, or change the order of the items on your screen.


Change the background color, text color, and the entire visual appearance of your application. You can select one of eM Client’s default themes or you can import your own theme file. Check out eM Client’s Theme Gallery to download and use themes created by other users.

Feeling creative? Select Theme Editor to change everything from the font colors to the color of the scroll bar.

Once you’ve made your eM Client application display look the way you want it to; your theme settings will be saved to eM Client. Then, you need to save your theme elements to a local folder and import your theme to the eM Client application. Saving your new theme to a new folder will also allow you to access the theme later; giving you the flexibility to change your theme whenever you want without worrying.


Change your Item List Properties, Font, and Row Dimensions here. The first option, Item List Properties provides a checklist; so you can either enable or disable alternating colors for rows, show grid lines, use color of tag as color, and allow in-cell editing.

The Font section gives you the choice of changing your font type and size. Change your item list font, the item item list group font, and the folder list font. These options will not change the fonts included in new email messages; it will only change the font for the eM Client lists display.

Row Dimensions lets you customize the spacing on your application. You can add up to 45 pixels for spacing out each option. You can change the following height options: Item lists height, Item lists multiline line height, Item lists group header height, Items lists groups header height, and Folder lists row height. The purpose of this option is to improve the readability of the text on your screen by either adding or removing spaces.


Decide which options you want to be shown in your toolbars to efficiently access the commands you use on a daily basis. In the Toolbar option on this window, you will see three options: Main Toolbar, Mail Compose Window Toolbar, and Mail Detail Window Toolbar. Click the customize button to see which items you’d like to add or remove.

When you’re customizing the Main Toolbar; the options you choose to add will appear in the toolbar at the top of your screen. If a certain number of additions are added to your toolbar, click More to view them in the toolbar. You have full control over how many or how few options you’d like to see listed in the Main Toolbar.

The Mail Compose Window Toolbar gives you options for adding and removing features that will be shown when you click New or Reply to compose a new message. If you like to keep it simple with few distractions, you can choose to remove features like Emoticons or Watch for Reply. You could even remove everything, if you really wanted to. If you want to have all the options all at once - you can do that too!

Your options are the same for the Main Detail Window Toolbar. Choose to see one or all of the commands in the Main Detail Window Toolbar.

Change the font for messages

The font size and style for messages can be customized by going to: Menu > Settings > Mail > Read. After you click on Read; scroll down to Preferred Style. Here, you’ll have several choices for your message fonts:

  1. Preferred font for messages: select the font and font size that you want to see in email messages that you receive.
  2. Preferred text color: choose a custom font color (“Use color specified”) or a font color from the theme.
  3. Select whether or not you’d like to use your preferred font for fixed-width plain text messages.

The font settings for writing messages can be adjusted by going to: Settings > Mail > Compose.

Zoom in and out

Are you struggling to read and compose messages, even after adjusting the font size and style? Use the zoom feature to zoom in or out of messages that you’re reading or writing. Here are the commands:

  • Zoom in: press Ctrl and +, or Ctrl and scroll.
  • Zoom out: press Ctrl and -, or Ctrl and scroll.
  • Another option: right click in the message, then select Message > Zoom > Increase or Decrease.
  • To reset your zoom settings, press Ctrl and 0.

Resetting the appearance of eM Client

Did you accidentally set your font to Wingdings? Do the colors you chose clash? You can reset your appearance settings by going back to Menu > Settings. Click on Appearance again. Here’s how to reset each appearance option:

  • Themes: Choose one of eM Client’s default themes. This will reset all of your custom color and font choices.
  • Lists: Simply click “Reset to Default.” This option will change everything categorized under Lists - item list properties, fonts, row dimensions, and indentation.
  • Toolbars: Click “Customize’ for each of the three toolbar options: Main Toolbar, Main Compose Window Toolbar, and Mail Detail Window Toolbar. Each type of toolbar must be clicked on individually. A pop-up window will appear with your setting options for the toolbar you selected. Click “Set defaults” to return to the original toolbar settings.

The ability to reset the appearance gives you the flexibility to figure out the display settings that work the best for you. Do you want to learn more about how to customize your eM Client application? Take a look at our blog and read about all the ways you can personalize your eM Client experience.

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