28 Jun 2022

Google Talk support shuts down

Why did my Google chat account stop working in eM Client? Why can't I change the Google chat status to online?

Google Talk support shuts down

On June 16th, 2022 Google ended their support for Google Talk service, effectively shutting down connection to it via XMPP protocol. This means that the chat feature for your Google accounts will stop working in eM Client, as we used the XMPP protocol to connect to Google's chat services.

You can read about this change here in Google's support page: Google Talk for third-party apps.

Unfortunately this means we will have to remove the Google chat option from eM Client for now. Our team will look into alternate protocol and API options for Google Chat and see if we could perhaps return it in the future.

Update: Google has fully shut down their servers for XMPP, so you may now see this error in older eM Client versions:

[XMPP]Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: ‘SslStream'.

You can stop seeing this error by navigating to Menu > Accounts and under the General tab of your Gmail account uncheck the XMPP service. Then save this change.