27 Apr 2023

Getting things done with Tasks

Let us introduce you to eM Client’s detailed task view inspired by David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology. This new default layout for tasks is a tool to help you increase your productivity and reduce your stress. See all the details of your tasks and manage your work more efficiently than ever before!

Getting things done with Tasks

What is GTD and how can it help you?

Wondering what Getting Things Done (or GTD) is? It is a methodology that helps you focus and prioritize your tasks. GTD is built around the principle of breaking down your agenda into smaller tasks and writing then down somewhere, be it a notebook or an app in your device, to clear your mind and concentrate on the tasks that have the highest priority. In other words, it helps you offload your brain: so you can take a step back and work on what really matters.

The five steps of GTD:

  • Capture your thoughts and important responsibilities. Use a notepad, whiteboard, eM Client tasks; where you can jot down what needs to get done. Nothing is too small of a task; so capture everything that needs your attention.
  • Clarify what your next steps will be to complete the tasks you have written down. Break down items into steps that you can complete one by one. If a task seems impossible and overwhelming, set smaller goals to help with completing the intimidating task in portions.
  • Organize your tasks once you are clear on what the next steps will be. Sort your tasks into categories that will reflect which area of your life they belong to: home project, shopping, work, emails, etc.
  • Review your organized tasks and prepare to get started. If something in your plan changes or some tasks get canceled, you need to keep your task list up-to-date. You might get a new idea of how your goals can be improved or reached faster. There are no limits to what can change in a week; so keeping your list reviewed and updated is very important!
  • Action is the final step; that’s when you begin your tasks after everything has been set and organized. Let’s get to work and get things done!

GTD in eM Client

Given how efficient and popular GTD is, we took inspiration from this method and added more visible status icons that will help you quickly assess how much needs to be done and what has been completed already. Let’s take a tour of what the new task view offers and get productive with the updated eM Client Tasks.

See more and do more with the Detail view

The “Detail” view provides a GTD-oriented interface to boost your productivity. You can sort your tasks by the completion status using the tabs right above the task list. It is possible to sort by these statuses: Upcoming, Completed, and On hold. Or you can see all tasks regardless of their status.

The detail view has a pane with the additional task info and a progress slider so you can precisely mark how much work needs to be done for the individual tasks. Drag the bar to 100% when the task is done, or change its status with the all-new task status buttons. You can also see and change the due date and add/edit a note if there are some details you want to remember about the given task.

We have created a short demonstration video that you can check out to get familiar with tasks:


The status icons you can now see in eM Client 9 also serve as buttons to change the status. If you click on the status icon in the detail pane you can switch the task status to one of the presets: Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Deferred, and Waiting on someone else.

eM Client:  Task status selection via icon menu
eM Client: Task status selection via icon menu

The status change is immediately reflected in the task list. If you need to double-check the task status later, the task status will be conveniently displayed in the list. With the new status icons you can instantly see what’s on your to-do list and start getting things done.

There are two special statuses: Not Started for the upcoming tasks and Overdue for the tasks that are past their due date. Additionally, the “Overdue” status can be combined with other progress statuses in case the task wasn’t finished on time, but was started in the past. If you only see the “Overdue” status, it means the task hasn’t been started; but its end date was in the past.

Filtering and sorting

Too many tasks? To sort your tasks based on your priorities, you can use the completion status tabs at the top of the task list mentioned earlier. However, there’s also a possibility to sort tasks by using different parameters or with quick filters to view tasks based on their attributes; including tags, progress status, and more. Click on the funnel icon at the top of the list, pick the attribute and the filter will be applied. Once you found the task you were looking for, click on the “X” button under the quick filter to cancel filtering.

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