7 Jul 2014

eM Client's Advanced Spell Check for Spelling Error Free Emails

Most people didn't win the spelling bee as a kid, and those that did, probably still type faster than they can think resulting in spelling errors. It just happens, and without spell check, emails are sent with embarrassing errors. With eM Client, you wouldn't ever have to worry about sending emails with spelling errors. This advanced feature tells you when you've made a mistake, and it provides suggestions on how to correct it. With the support of many languages, our spell check goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to spell checkers.

How to Use It

To start using eM Client's spell checker, go to Tools and then click on Settings. This will bring up a window. Under the General section, choose Spell Checker. On the right, you will see three sections:

1. Default Spell Checker Settings
2. Mail Spell Check Settings
3. Instant Messaging Spell Check Settings

As you can see, you have spell check for everything you do with eM Client. Simply click on each field to choose your language and then check off the use automatic spell checker.

When you compose an email, you should start to see red lines under the words you've spelled incorrectly. If you right click over the word, a window will appear with the correct spelling of the word. Left click on the correctly spelled word and your word will be replaced with the correct one.

Changing Spell Checker Language in an Email

If you write emails in different languages sometimes, there's no need to go back into settings to change the spell checker language. You can change it for each email you write. While composing the email, click on tools and then on Spell Check Language. The list of languages appears in a window to the right, and all you have to do is choose the one you need. The next email you write, the spell checker will revert to your default settings.

BEST Feature eM Client Has Unique to Other Email Clients

International users of eM Client will love this feature. Your keyboard automatically tells eM Client which language to spell check your emails in. No need to switch eM Client spell checker language when you set up this email client! The application can just check to see which keyboard language you have set, and adapt to that language. We love to make things simple for you!

Start Using the Spell Checker Today

Set up spell checker in eM Client today. If you don't have the email client yet, go ahead and take a minute to download it. We know you'll be impressed with all the amazing features. Check back here for more tips and tricks on how to  get the most out of this powerful email client.