3 Nov 2014

eM Client's Ability for Touch Support

The newest computers on the market today aren't like the ones you could buy a year or two ago. You no longer need to just use the keyboard, trackpad and mouse. You have the whole Internet at your fingertips - literally.

With eM Client's touch support feature, you will be able to manage your emails with the tips of your fingers. To turn on touch support, all you have to do is look to the upper right hand corner of your computer's screen. Next to the icons for closing the email client and maximizing the window, you will see a hand type of icon. That is the one you want to push on your screen. When you do this, you'll receive a notification that will ask you if you want to turn on touch support. At that time, you can say yes, and you will see the email client change. Your inbox list will have more room and the icon for navigation will be more spread apart. Why does this happen? It's simply to make it easier for you to use your fingers.

When you click on an icon, you should see that the response is just as fast as it would be if you used your trackpad or mouse. It might be even faster because you don't have to deal with a trackpad that doesn't follow your finger as quickly or accurately. Before you know it, you'll likely start to using the touch screen more than you ever have before just because it's more user friendly and faster.

With touch support, you can even write emails. You will see the touch keyboard at the bottom of the screen. When you have that on the bottom of your screen, you can just tap the letters to write your email. You might need to get used to typing this way, but you can get to the speed you are at on your keyboard with time.

How to Turn Touch Support Off

You can turn touch support off easily by tapping the same icon you did to turn it on. It will ask you if you want to turn it off, and all you have to do is select yes. Now the touch support is off. You can turn it on again by tapping the same icon again.

Now that you know how useful touch support can be with eM Client, go ahead and download it on our site at www.emclient.com. You will see that it's convenient and it truly is the best email client on the market today.