23 Feb 2022

eM Client 9 - The next version of eM Client is here!

After the release of version 8, we didn't let up for a moment and focused mainly on you, our users, when making the brand new eM Client 9. We have listened carefully, gathered feedback from all possible sources, and implemented the best of your requested features as well as new ideas that will move eM Client forward.

So in addition to the major changes in the UI which will be visible at the first glance, such as thread view, message previews, avatars and filters, there are thousands of improvements hidden beneath the surface of eM Client. So hopefully you'll find what you've been waiting for!

eM Client 9

Take a look at the best of these new features!


  • Quick filter
    Additional filter options above your message list to quickly help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Redesigned advanced search
    You can now easily find and quickly create and apply advanced search via the icon on the right side of the Search bar.
  • Many dialogs redesigned and polished
    Settings, Spell-check, Distribution list and other windows are now using the same design as the rest of the app.
  • Printing now uses HTML rendering
    This makes it easier to save and export items as HTML or PDF.
  • Change account order with drag and drop
    You no longer need to go to the Accounts window to moves your folders around, simply drag and drop directly in the left pane!


  • Mail Tracking detection (Pro)
    Protect your privacy thanks to the tracking pixel detection algorithm and decide which external content to block or allow.
  • Thread view (Pro)
    Navigating through the separate messages in a conversation view is now a breeze.
  • Undo Send (Pro)
    This new fail-safe mechanism allows you to cancel sending a message that was sent by mistake or needs additional correction.
  • Quick notes for emails (Pro)
    Add a note to an email without making any changes to the message itself.
  • Avatars in the message list
    The message list now uses Avatars to help you quickly distinguish the sender of a message.
  • Message preview
    Enable seeing up to 3 lines of a message prior to opening it so you know what’s it about!
  • Resend
    Now you can quickly send an email again as-is, no need to re-add your recipients or rewrite any details.
  • Toggle Dark and Light Mode
    Enjoy the benefits of dark mode with an option to see a message in the original colors if you need to.
  • Inboxes global folder
    New special section to show all your inboxes in one place to never miss a message.
  • Limited time sync
    Exchange and IMAP accounts now allow you to keep only recent messages on your device, which is especially useful for slow connections.
  • Server-side tags
    Tags synchronization for Gmail and Exchange/Office 365 accounts now allows you to synchronize and manage all labels, including colors!
  • Server-side rules on Gmail
    Gmail’s filters are now not only accessible via the Rules function but you have full control of them for all your devices from within eM Client.
  • Sync signatures with Gmail and Exchange/Office365
    Synchronize your Gmail and Exchange signatures across all your devices from eM Client.
  • Support for 3rd party PGP keys lookup services
    eM Client can now look up keys at keys.openpgp.org and ProtonMail servers to simplify encrypted communication even more!
  • Import rules from Outlook
    Switching to eM Client is easier than ever.
  • Quick attachment forward
    Need to forward just the attachment, without the original message? You can now simply right-click the file to do so.
  • Snooze and Watch for reply status synchronization for Exchange and compatible IMAP servers
    Snoozed and Watched emails will no longer be stored offline in eM Client only, you can get notified at the right time on any device!
  • Simplified rules creation
    Create rules based on your messages’ senders and subjects or other details in few clicks directly from the right-click context menu.


  • Support for additional online meeting providers
    Connect your Webex by Cisco, Meetn, GoToMeeting and IceWarp accounts to use them for Online meetings.
  • RSVP for invitations shown in the message list
    Send a response to an event invite with a single click using the button in the message list, without having to open the invitation email at all.


  • New ‘Getting Things Done’ task view
    A brand-new implementation of tasks, more control, more options, and a new design will make you want to finish them, inspired by the ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology.
  • Agenda in the sidebar based on Getting Things Done methodology
    Tame your daily agenda with the redesigned Agenda sidebar!


  • Reimplemented XMPP support for better stability
    We now use a completely rewritten code for XMPP to address some known issues.
  • Message archiving support
    Chat history is now synchronized with the compatible XMPP servers.
New inbox eM Client 9

More exclusive features in the PRO version!

We believe that the advanced features are worth every penny. That’s why you might like to get the Pro license and make your email management a breeze with Thread view, Notes for emails, Undo send, and mainly the Anti Mail Tracking feature.

Learn more about pricing and license options.

Get eM Client 9

Free users & Pro users with Lifetime upgrades

Pro users with eM Client 8 or older

* Existing Pro users with eM Client 8 can upgrade to eM Client 9 for a convenient price, or purchase lifetime upgrades to get eM Client 9 as well as all future updates and new versions of eM Client, plus 1 year of VIP support.

Warning: eM Client 9 will update your database so it is highly recommended to make a backup in case you’d like to switch back to eM Client 8 for any reason. Not sure how to back up your data? Watch our tutorial!