28 Apr 2020

eM Client 8 BETA for Mac is here!

We made eM Client for Mac even better and implemented long-requested features like Notes, Favorite folders and support for multiple instances of eM Client at once. But that’s not all. Our new enhancements make eM Client more appealing and your email communication more secure.

eM Client 8 BETA for Mac

The Version 8 BETA for Mac brings the same exciting improvements as the BETA for Windows, with the same new features and specifics. See for yourself:

Warning: eM Client 8 will update your database so it is highly recommended to make a backup in case you’d like to switch back to eM Client 7 for any reason. Not sure how to back up your data? Watch our tutorial!

In case you come across any issues with the Beta version, please make sure to report them to our support team at testing@emclient.com and we will look into each reported problem in detail.

Please be aware that the Beta version will only be operational until June 30th, 2020 and you will have to update to a standard eM Client 8 version after that. No license is required for testing - the Beta runs in a trial mode, so anybody can try it out freely.

Known issues

Below you will find a list of issues that are still being worked on and that might not work as expected:

  • Missing localization of eM Client 8 features in some languages
  • There might be some user interface glitches

Features pending to be implemented

  • Swipe support