3 Dec 2020

eM Client 8.1 is released

Progress simply can’t be stopped. Just a few months after the release of eM Client 8, we have a new upgraded version up and running. eM Client 8.1 comes with hundreds of fixes and optimizations as well as added functionality, including support for additional cloud storage providers, and a unique feature currently found in no other email client (possibly not even any other desktop software) on the market – an advanced theme editor!

eM Client 8.1

What’s new in eM Client 8.1

Theme Editor

Unleash your creativity, use the new advanced theme editor and design your very own eM Client! The editor allows you to adjust the design of every single visual element of eM Client’s interface. With a convenient picker tool, you can simply select the part of the interface you wish to alter and the corresponding group of elements will appear in the editor. There is also a live preview window, so you can see the changes in process. When you’re done with all the changes, just hit the save button and your personally designed eM Client is ready!

Moreover, everyone will be able to share and download themes via our upcoming theme gallery.

Color grid eM Client Theme Editor: Color grid
New inbox eM Client Theme Editor: Custom themes

Cloud storage attachments support for ownCloud and Nextcloud

Attachment management in eM Client is already unmatched, and it’s something we just keep improving more and more. Recognized as the best open-source cloud services, ownCloud and Nextcloud joined the list of platforms you can link attachments from in eM Client (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox). Simply link a file from your cloud storage instead of attaching it and you won’t need to worry about attachment size limits anymore.


Attachments can now be used in templates too

This feature allows you to enrich your email templates with different files, which is particularly handy when you send out the same files over and over.

Directories can be attached as a zip archive

When attaching a directory (yes, that’s possible now), users get the option to attach the files either as regular files or as a zip archive. Either way, you won’t have to compress and pack the files via a third-party app anymore.

eM Client 8.1: Attach folder as ZIP eM Client 8.1: Attach folder as ZIP

New option 'Go to Today' in Calendar

There’s now an extra option in the general Calendar settings that will open the Today view by default only if enabled. And it obviously can be disabled, too.

eM Client 8.1: Calendar 'Go To Today' feature eM Client 8.1: Calendar 'Go To Today' feature

New option for setting indentation for folders

We received feedback from many users who considered the default indentation of folders in the folder list hierarchy to be too subtle. So now it’s possible to adjust the folder lists indent according to your preference.

eM Client 8.1: Indentation eM Client 8.1: Indentation

Suggested Location in event detail based on other events' locations

eM Client 8.1: Location suggestion eM Client 8.1: Location suggestion

Get eM Client 8.1

How to get your hands on all these cool new features right away? How to get the theme editor to build your very own first theme? If you already use eM Client 8, you will simply get a notification that a new update is ready. If you own eM Client Pro for version 7 (or older), just purchase an Upgrade to eM Client 8.1.

New to eM Client? Try it out!

eM Client 8.1 for macOS will be released in the upcoming weeks.