7 Jun 2017

eM Client 7.1

eM Client 7.1 is here! After having carefully examined your feedback, we’re now bringing you a number of new features and improvements of the old ones. If you already have a valid license for eM Client 7, update for free now!

eM Client 7.1

What's new

eM Client 7.1 is bringing some frequently requested features and enhancements to improve the quality of your workflow. Here is a list of some of them.

  • PGP Support

    You can now encrypt your emails with PGP encryption, ensuring unbreakable security. We support both PGP Inline format and PGP/MIME.

  • Simplified Security Management

    Our new interface makes managing your S/MIME and PGP certificates and keys a lot easier.

  • Live Backup

    You no longer have to exit eM Client in order for the backup to proceed. eM Client will now back up while running so you can keep working even while it is underway.

  • Online Avatar Downloading

    eM Client now automatically downloads and displays avatars for your contacts from the web. We download from Gravatar, domain icons and more.

  • Improved Print Preview

    The print preview has been completely remade and is a lot easier to use. PDF files generated by the print dialog will now have searchable text.

  • Even More Customizable Toolbars

    We’ve added a lot more customizable buttons to various toolbars in eM Client.

  • Auto-resize and formatting options for embedded images

    Your pasted images will now automatically be resized to fit in your email. You will also be able to change the size of the image as well as rotate and flip it.

  • Improved table editor

    Tables have been substantially improved, you can now resize any cell, row or column you want.

  • Text pasting options

    You can now easily customize how you want to paste the text into your emails – you can either choose to keep the formatting or paste it as text only.

  • Improved calendar invites

    Calendar invites look and feel way better now.

  • Customizable secondary sorting for all views

    You can now sort any items (emails, contacts, events, etc.) by two criteria at once.

  • Calendar Folder sharing on MS Exchange and IceWarp

    When you share a calendar folder with somebody, they will now receive an email with the invitation to your shared folder. Collaboration made easy!

  • Gmail out of office response

    We now support automatic “Out of Office” replies for Gmail as well. Let everyone know that you will not be able to respond to their emails by configuring the automatic response right inside eM Client.

  • Preview images from hyperlinks in chat

    When someone sends you an image link in chat, you will now be able to see the image they are linking you without having to click on it.

Do you like the new features? Is something not working as you expected? Please let us know at [email protected]. Thank you for your help, your feedback is always welcome!

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