20 Aug 2015

eM Client 7 Features: IMAP Support for Outlook.com Accounts

Since eM Client 6 was released you have started putting out requests for features that should be included in the upcoming release and now we’re finally ready to share more details about the next version. We'll be releasing a series of posts introducing the new features.

eM Client 7 features IMAP/SMTP sync on Outlook.com

Outlook.com with IMAP/SMTP sync

Outlook.com users can look forward to synchronizing their accounts using the standard IMAP and SMTP protocols as you may be used to from other account types. Up until now, it was necessary to synchronize your account over the AirSync protocol, which has not proven so reliable and may have been generating a couple of issues when the Outlook.com servers have been swamped with requests. We believe the new way of synchronizing your account will be more efficient and will considerably decrease the number of issues while synchronizing your items with Outlook.com mail servers.

However, note, that this doesn't mean we're dropping the Calendar and Contacts support on Outlook.com, these items will be safely synchronized over the existing AirSync protocol and you willl still be able to work with both services as well as your email or disable your calendar in case you don't use it.

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