10 May 2024

eM Client 10 BETA 2 released

It’s been a few months since our initial eM Client 10 BETA release, and we are grateful for all the feedback you’ve sent in! But things at eM Client never stop moving and we have added few more features into the BETA 2 and we are now very close to the full release.

eM Client BETA Update

What’s new?

  • Conversations UI redesign

    The Conversation detail now has a cleaner look, making it easier to see where each message starts and ends.

    eM Client 10 BETA: New Conversation Design
  • Change the Conversation order

    You asked for it and you got it – you can now switch the Conversation order in menu > Settings > Mail > Conversations and set newest messages on top in the message detail.

    The order can also be switched in the menu View > Conversations menu.

    eM Client 10 BETA:  New Conversations Order setting
  • Inbox category changes

    Messages can now be moved from one category to another either via drag & drop or you can right-click the message and select the correct category.

    eM Client 10 BETA: Change category

    Together with this option come Custom rules for category organization – when moving a message you can also set any new messages from the same sender to go into the same category and you can also move all older messages into this category.

    Custom rules can be modified or removed in menu Settings > Mail > Categories section.

  • Support for NOT and OR operators in search

    Another long-awaited feature is here: use the hyphen/minus symbol - in front of a searched term or keyword to specify you want your results without these terms.

    Example: You want to find messages from Google but NOT the ones concerning security alerts
    Search: google -alert

    If you want to specify that the word should not be in a specific part of the message you can combine the feature with keywords.

    Search: from:google subject:-alert

    Or you can even negate the whole section!

    Search: from:google -subject:alert

    To use OR, make sure to use the curly brackets {} and put your two conditions inside.

    Example: You want to find messages that are from Tom or include party in the subject.
    Search: {from:Tom subject:party}

    You can of course insert terms directly, but if you are already searching in the same “section” (like all text, or subject, etc,) then a comma already works as OR. The new option allows you to use OR among different details of the message.

  • Feature to propose new time for invitations

    The option to “Propose new time” for a specific event is now available directly inside the invitation.

    eM Client 10 BETA: Propose new time from invitation
  • Emoticons lookup

    You can easily lookup the right emoticon you want to use in your emails or chat message. Simply type a colon : and then without any space start typing the description/name of the emoticon you want to use.

    eM Client 10 BETA: Emoticon lookup
  • New initial and upgrade wizard

    New users and those upgrading to eM Client 10 for the first time will be able to customize their layout from the get-go – deciding on their message layout, theme, conversation settings, categories, badges, AI features and re-authorizing accounts, making the onboarding process much smoother.

  • Chat and multichat improvements

    More options were added into the toolbar and context menus of the Chat section for more convenient use, but also a lot of reported issues were resolved.

  • Bug fixes and many smaller improvements

    This update of course also contains a wide array of smaller fixes and improvements based on your reports!

Now that you know what the biggest changes are, go ahead and download the update:

If you encounter any issues with the Beta version, please report them to our support team at [email protected]; we will look into each reported problem in detail.